So Adrian sent me this article (which i’ll post in a sec) and it included this video. I didn’t realize how deeply symbolic the Cardinal Grand Cross coming up actually is tied in with the two Eclipses! So i tried to take notes and break it down a little. April is going to be an exciting month! 

lunar eclipse: April 14/15
Cardinal Grand Cross (peak): April 23/24
Solar Eclipse: April 29 

Lunar Eclipse: 
deep-seated wounds
seeing the beauty of our Uniqueness(aries) 
feeling harmony/unity
Transcendin old paradigms of belief systems
Quantum leap from the old energies into the New

Cardinal Grand Cross:

13-13-13-13 degree alignment in all Cardinal Signs(the starting sign, the leader of creations, Uranus(13 Aries), Mars (13 libra), Pluto (13 capricorn), Jupiter (13 cancer) 

squared is a 90 degree angle alignment which forms a right triangle! 

(didn’t someone just ask about the right triangle within the point of the circle?) 

“the pyramid signifies the focusing of will. it furthermore is a symbol of the four ages, as they are four right triangles converging at a point. the right triangle is the symbol of mathematical knowledge that allows us to triangulate the universe. we use the form in just about everything, as it is the most simple plane to render. it allows us to construct structures, and to measure distances great and small, and leads us to understanding of the golden ratio and fundamental structure of universe. ”

Uranus in 13 Aries:
Quantum shifts
Societal FREEDOM
awakened visions
conscious desires (manifestation anyone ;) )
Unity in our I Am (grounding our energies into mother earth! ) 
Diversity (finding equality)


Mars in 13 libra

Major Volatility 
Marriage Equality
fighting for a cause

Tug of war pulled between polarities creates tension/friction of energy 180 degrees (two right triangles in opposition) 

creates opportunity
Liberate humanity to our full creative capacity
government/powers cannot dictate Sovereignty

collectively we reclaim our power through love


pluto in 13 capricorn
all systems of power


Jupiter in 13 cancer
expansion: Out of head and into our heart center (merging the mind with the heart,unification of mind-heart, it keeps coming up! )
Emotional Intelligence(operating from teh heart center)
Heart is our Home

ONE family <3

another 180 pull between polarities creates friction (two right triangles at opposition) 

We reclaim our destiny. 
through the heart

All Squared 90 degrees

Magnified resistence (remember when ijust said Ego equals resistance! )

Demands Growth (evolution of the Soul) 

moving outside of the box

Awaken to a solutions from a higher consciousness (4th dimension into 5th dimension ;) 

Mars is retrograde during the grand cross so the action may feel stifiled but Opportunity to work inwardly. (Aren’t a lot of people feel like they aren’t learning or growing because they feel stuck? this is why you’re doing INNER work and INNER growth )

Solar Eclipse: 
Obscures vision forward to be in the NOW
Where do you see yourself?
How does the NOW relate to the past? (reflections keep coming up)
What can you do now to change the present? (to create the reality and dreams you desire) 

Quantum leap from the old into the new energies

Let’s keep in mind the AMAZING qualities of numerology within the number 13 

13 dimensions of Ascension 
13 spheres of Metatron’s Cube
13 Sacred KEYS of creation
13 Points of Activated Light Body
13 chakras
13 is a fibonacci Number (phi creation of reality)
13 is the second star number the HEXAGRAM
13 Moon cycles
12 around one theory equals 13

13 people at the last supper, 12 disciples around Jesus
13 also equals 4 

Four is seen as the first solid number. Spatial in scheme or order in manifestation. 
Static as opposed to the circular and the dynamic 
Wholeness; totality; completion; solid 
Earth; order
Rational - relativity and justice
Symbol of measurement 

The are four CARDINAL points; four seasons; four winds; four directions (as in North, South, East, West); four elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) in the western culture.

It even connects into DIRECTION

Driving the vehicle

13 = (1+3) = 4 = closure of our reality program or the evolution of consciousness back into light.
13 Levels DNA consciousness
13 dimensions of consciousness 

merging the 13 dimensions together past-present-future self unified into one <3

Posted this bit awhile ago but it ties in perfectly: 

Telepathy works through The Universal consciousness/energy field which  is created through the use of entanglement. It’s why energy/ether is the underlining frequency of everything we say and do and how everything formulates into actuality. It is also vastly connected to string theory.Speech has a vibration, energy has a vibration and our world was created from vibration. I believe the universe was created by a sound. If we are indeed a 13 dimensional universe then the acts of each dimension is how we created our universe.

The original 3 dimensions are the Consciousness of the Creator.

Dimension 12 is the Father Creator principle. 
Dimension 11 is the Mother Creator principle.
Dimension 10 contains the consciousness templates for the Infinite Universes.

The next 3 dimensions are Energy.

Dimension 9 is etheric, or life force, energy.
Dimension 8 is magnetic energy, the primal field of the universe.
Dimension 7 is electric energy, the building block of physical matter.

The next 3 dimensions are Space, which allows the separation of objects.

Dimension 6 is linear separation.
Dimension 5 is circular separation.
Dimension 4 is spherical separation.

The next 3 dimensions are Motion.

Dimension 3 is thought (mental motion.)
Dimension 2 is feeling (emotional motion.)
Dimension 1 is time (physical motion.)

All the 12 levels of consciousness is connected to the 12 dimensions, ascension bridging all of them together 13.
How we were created:
1 Root - Smell 
2 Sacral- Taste 
3 Solar plexus - Sight 
4 heart - touch/feel
5 throat- hearing 
6 third eye- 5 senses of physical connected to intuition -Conscious Mind 
7th crown - cosmic consciousness - Sub Conscious / Limited Egoistic Self 
8th - Karma, divine love
9th - Soul blueprint, divine will creator, healer or teacher
10 - vector equilibrium (harmony mas/fem aligned)
11 - the gateway, pathwork to the soul
12 - divine source, The sun

Pythagoras said that the movement, rhythm and vibration of every atom as well as every celestial body produce a particular sound. If we combine string theory, our vibrational energy with sacred geometrical forms, our mathetmatical and spatial thinking we create the polarity of the energy field. 

The unity not only will be a peaceful understanding on the inside spiritually of oneself but it will be a beautiful vibration of pure absolute harmony within these dimensions aligning together in the frequency of light. 

Mind blown. 

I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first #1 song had a 13-second intro. Every time I’ve won an award I’ve been seated in either the 13th seat, the 13th row, the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter