Andy Hurley

So I saw that twitter thing about Andy saying that it’s okay he’s under appreciated. It makes me sad. Starting now until August 1st submit, comment, ask, reblog, send appreciation, artwork of Andy Hurley or any other forms of love for him. He’s a rad person and I want my blog and followers to reflect that fact. Anything you or anyone else sends me will be tagged with “month of Hurley” as will my personal posts. I Hope to see a lot.

The Signs As Band Members
  • (Based on actual bdays)
  • Aries:Gerard Way + Brendon Urie
  • Taurus:Patrick Stump + Zack Merrick
  • Gemini:Pete Wentz + Jack Barakat
  • Cancer:Luke Hemmings + Ray Toro
  • Leo:Jake Pitts + Slash
  • Virgo:Mikey Way + Spencer Smith
  • Libra:Austin Carlile + Chris Motionless
  • Scorpio:Micheal Clifford + Oliver Sykes
  • Sagittarius:Alex Gaskarth + Mike Fuentes
  • Capricorn:Jinxx + Bob Bryar
  • Aquarius:Calum Hood + Vic Fuentes
  • Pisces:Tony Perry + Mark Hoppus