Behind the Scenes of Midnight (Part 2)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM 396

“This show will never run out of new ideas,” declares Russel T Davies, Doctor Who’s showrunner. “We tend to hit an experimental patch just before the finale every year, so Midnight was another chance to venture into new territory, and to give David Tennant a script of the like he’s never seen before!  I even dreaded sending it to him, because of certain technical challenges that the entire cast faces, but of course he embraced it and made it brilliant.”

Midnight was so unusual and so difficult to film,” continues Russell, “that we had a rare rehearsal day for all concerned, which helped the whole cast bond. We had the set all marked out in the rehearsal room, with line-runs and discussions of character and motive.  Everyone became good mates on that day. They had to, to survive the endurance test of filming this script.”

“Filming was very intense,” agrees David Tennant. “It was a cramped set, and one scene lasted 45 pages, which we played in 15-minute takes! That’s unheard of in television drama - let alone Doctor Who, which tends to rattle from one scene to the next quite quickly. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to doing theatre on television. It allowed us to sort of indulge in the acting. You just lost yourself in the playing of it. We were all worried that it might drive all of us properly mad, or that it might be very dull to shoot, but actually it was one of the most exciting times I’ve had on this show.”

“It’s a brilliant piece of writing,” enthuses David. “Watching it back, it’s already one of my absolute favorites of all the ones we’ve done.  I think it’s great. The concept, the idea, is so clever, but also the interpersonal relationships within the episode are so finely drawn and so brilliantly played. The cast ate up these parts.”

7 Days of Who Day Six: It’s a DW team road trip! Where should Clara and the Doctor (and Missy, if you like) go and what should they do there?

The Doctor and Clara are on their way to Comic Con and there’s more than enough room in the TARDIS for a few friends. On their way to San Diego though, they want to visit some new places and experience the culture there. So, where should they go? 

Should they go to Niagara Falls and check out, well, Niagara Falls? Or maybe they should go to Reykjavik and see the Northern Lights? What about New Orleans so they can eat beignets and jambalaya? Additionally, who should they take with them on this road trip? Should they bring Amelia Earhart, aviator extraordinaire? Or maybe Weird Al so they can have some funky beats on their journey? Let us know by tagging your post with #7 Days of Who so we can reblog a few!

Road Trip!

This should definitely be a cross-country adventure! (Actually, I think a road trip would make a cool episode)

Start in NYC–see the sights (Empire State Building; 5th Avenue; Central Park; Broadway show).  But NOT the Statue of Liberty (for obvious reasons).  

Set off in a car (or the TARDIS) and make westward tracks.

Chicago–Stop off to see the sights and sample some deep dish pizza.

Follow Route 66 through the mid-Atlantic states. Maybe stop off at Graceland to see if Elvis really is dead.  Frolic around New Orleans.  

Make stops at Mt. Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas.  See the western prairies and the table lands and dip their toes in the Pacific.  

Finally crash at the hotel in San Diego for a little shut-eye before donning cosplays, grabbing tickets, and heading to the convention.