I know it, and my pretext to strike at him admits a good construction. I raised him, and I pawned mine honour for his truth, who being so heightened, he watered his new plants with dews of flattery seducing so my friends. At the last I seemed his follower, not partner and he waged me with his countenance as if I had been mercenary. There was it! For which my sinews shall be stretched upon him. At a few drops of women’s rheum, which are as cheap as lies, he sold the blood and labour of our great action. Therefore shall he die and I’ll renew me in his fall. (Coriolanus 2011 as Tullus Aufidius)

“But unfortunately, when you’re starting out and they have product to sell, they shove you down America’s throat, basically. It’s pretty ugly. So to be able to make fun of all that under John Waters’ wing was important to me.” - Johnny Depp about 21 Jump Street and Cry Baby. (Los Angeles Times, 1990)