Back To School Tip 2: Classes

Hey guys Bryce here again! I wanted to say thx a lot for giving 70+ notes on the blog I put up yesterday evening, and it was my first blog and first day having Tumblr!💙 Well Let’s see if we can beat the last one! So here are the next parts of Back to school tips; Classes. nobody likes having classes with people they don’t like! Or mean teachers! Or just period! lol so here are some tips to survive the school year.

Tip 1: Never sit next to someone you know your not gonna get any work done with, and if u do, make sure u use the “balance out” trick. (Have at least 2 people u can get work done with, and 2 that u can talk to so u get the best of both worlds)

Tip 2: If your in a class with a mean teacher make sure you are nothing but nice to her, teachers will notice she’s just picking on people, so u won’t be the bad seed just be the bad apple.

Tip 3: If you really hate a class, ask as many questions as u can. The more questions the less class catch my drift. (But u have to pay attention most I the time this won’t work everyday)

Hope these 3 tips helped stay tuned for more.

Gabriel (Max Greenfield)

The New Girl star plays an addict who checks into the Cortez and has an unforgettable experience. “He’s a Hollywood junkie,” says Greenfield. “Originally, he had a job and was more preppy or business. And Ryan [Murphy] came back and was like, ‘I think we should be more rock and roll.’

Wishing a very happy 47th birthday to this amazing actor and musician Billy Boyd! ♥ Still dreaming of meeting him and some day I will, that’s for sure! :-)  ♥ 

First collage row: Billy as the hobbit Peregrin “Pippin” Took in Peter Jackson’s  Lord Of The Rings Film Trilogy and adaptation.

Second collage row: 1st pic - Billy at the beginning of his 30′s, 2nd pic, - Billy in his mid-30′s, 3rd pic, - Billy at the end of his 30′s.

Third collage row: 1st pic - Billy singing and playing the guitar with his band Beecake at One Expected Party 2013, 2nd pic. - Billy in a movie called “The Alpha Invention” 2014, 3rd pic, - Billy taking a selfie while being in New Zealand with Dominic Monaghan during Christmas Holiday 2014. 

Back To School Tips 3: Homework

Hey Guys I accidentally deleted my first post but that’s ok lol so guys is gonna give u some more tips and these are about the evil HOmeWOrk 😂

Tip 1: If u have something due on day Friday and u get the assignment on Monday, get it done so u won’t have anything hang over you for the whole week.

Tip 2: Do hw with your friends so you can make it a little fun, so your not just need at home with that disgusting piece of algebra

Tip 3: Don’t be Afraid to ask for help!

Tip 4: Always make sure to put your name on ur hw so u get credit



@ directors I can literally play any role bc I’m genderfluid/panromantic
Pfft, yeah it’s a dream of mine to be an actor/actress bc it’s always fun to be someone else and I really love acting!! These are all the selfs I’ve taken over the summer and idk I feel like I’ve gotten more confident?!?! Thank you everyone who’s supported me❤️