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taunt u drew me and joseph together thanks
durianboba ur a great friend and ily 💕
zzo u gave me my url, u have a great aesthetic and also u like/gif to-y which is one of my fave ovas probably
cojiros U LIKE CIPHER also ur aesthetic is my fav i was looking for a post in ur archive earlier and i realized how 👌👌 ur whole blog is
irukx ur always so sweet and cute and ur one of the only people i wanted to refollow when i deleted my old blogs ur just special to me
devourflesh i think we were mutuals on my old blog and i just like u & ur aesthetic and that u like my posts n stuff! ur very cool

honorable mentions
khr2 nomoreheroes2desperatestruggle qanty aeyc tanpou 3dfurry

if i forgot u dont be offended i have a bad memory and i actually secretly like u all solely for following me. also i just did this out of boredom ok bye


Walk the Line - Halsey

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ur opinion on the noodle man


it’s so frustrating that dai is written like cullen is all changed and atoning when he totally isn’t?? he may dislike the outcome of kirkwall, but he still approves of meredith’s methods, still fears and hates mages. He says he’s atoning by joining the inquisition, then tries to turn the inquisition against mages at every turn. he. he hasn’t changed.

and like, that’s ok? as a character, it makes sense, that after kinloch, and after kirkwall which is the WORST thing to go to after kinloch, it makes sense that he’s still hating mages. But he keeps saying he’s changed and the game seems to reinforce that, bioware loves him, the people love him, wtf? it’s so unfair???? anders turned to violence in a last, desperate but calculated act, in defense of his abused and murdered people, and he’s villianized to hell and back. cullen allows mages to be abused under his command, supports tranquility, dehumanizes the people he’s in charge of, still thinks most of that was right - and he gets to be the commander of the inquisition and he’s so darn beloved and. dksljfghkg. IT’S FRUSTRATING.

he really needs support. he needs people to point out why and how he’s wrong - as it is, he’s pulling a vriska: “I’m so sorry for the bad thing I did, even though I didn’t and still don’t think it was bad, and I don’t really understand what everyone’s issue is? so I’m gonna keep on doing it, just maybe word it differently. Because like, I’m sorry but also I’m totally right.” he needs this pointed out to him…. i think it would help if someone was like ‘um ur not really atoning if u tell us to lock up the mages still?” jusT POINT IT OUT. I JUST WANT TO POINT IT OUT NICE OKAY.

and he REALLY SHOULDN’T BE IN CHARGE HONESTLY!!!! how’s he going to learn to trust mages enough to be fair about them if he has to constantly assess their threat risk as commander. honestly he should probably never be in charge of anything to do with mages again, that’s just? fair??? to both him and them???? he shouldn’t have to constantly worry about them. and i don’t trust him to do good by them at all, ever, or at least not for a long while.

I just. he’s so awful. as he is now he’s a very hypocritical lost anti-mage person. and he could be learning and getting better. but he’s totally stagnating, re: anything to do with mages at least. but he’s still praised as totally changed and shit and. djkfhk i hate him

commander macklemore has some good memes though, some very good memes


The flowering Pokemon

Lilligant grow young Petilil around its waist until they are ready to deploy from their host and begin their own journey alone. Like Petilil the Lilligant are blind, and the markings that look like eyes are decoys to fend of predators. The flat flower that blooms on its head is prized for its soothing aroma. This Pokemon is particularly popular among circles of famous people. 

btw i am organizing my Billion Screenshots In Case I Need To Draw Something Obscure over at dragonagescreenshots . I don’t really recommend following it because I post in big batches, and random npc mage #5 is kinda boring if you’re not specifically designing some mage clothes, but hey if you don’t mind the spam feel free, there are some cute shots in there. mostly though it’s meant to be used as a database to go to when you want to find something specific.

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Oh oh oh yes. Lapis would sit and retell old tiny pearl stories that are cute af but really embarassing likr 'remember the times id have to hold your hand you clumsy rock or when you told me youd soon grow tall and be able to reach my check to kiss, where did that all goo huh pearl?' (PEARL SWEARING)

pearl with her foxy grandma gemfriend lapis lazuli. she won’t stop talking about embarrassing stories when pearl was a tiny rock anD SHE’S LIKE STOP YOU ARE RUINING THE MOOD LAZULI!!!

  • Artist: Iain McCaig
  • Card Name: Silklash Spider
  • Card Number: no 191
  • Card Text: Reach(This creature can block creatures with flying.) [Variable Colorless][Green][Green]: Silklash Spider deals X damage to each creature with flying.
  • Community Rating: 3 to 3.99
  • Converted Mana Cost: 5
  • Expansion: Magic 2013
  • Flavor Text: By the time the spider comes to slurp up its dinner, its victims have been partially dissolved by acidic silk.
  • Mana Cost: [3][Green][Green]
  • P⁄T: 2 ⁄ 7
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Types: Creature — Spider

today two dudes showed up at the museum and asked for a tour and I wasn’t even going to do it because there were still a couple minutes left on my lunch hour but I was like “well ok” and not 30 seconds into the tour one of them started flirting hardcore with me and ofc I flirted back especially when his method of flirting was through historical references and also he had a really nice smile and he was so tall God bless and at some point I said “I’m going to try to make this story not sound very boring” and he interrupted me and said “not possible, I’m loving it” and I was like dude just get my contact already fucking hELL and when he said that his friend lmao he rolled his eyes and it was so funny and honestly he was pretty much just standing there and it was just the two of us kind of flirting out way through the tour and he gave me a five euro tip and he was so tall and had such a great smile and he wasn’t drop dead hot but he was very good looking and tried to impress me with historical references and I had to leave quickly after the tour so we couldn’t talk more but and I can’t believe I missed him exiting the museum because I wanted to bump into him again like there are no words to express how much I would love to bump into this guy again, absolutely no words.

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your opinion on da:o!

It was really fun!! here are some unorganized thoughts

Combat was ok, I played as an archer which ended up being. a bad choice. but even then it was real fun sometimes and only super frustrating occasionally.

I love most of the companions… leli and alistair and zevran and wynne esp, but really everyone except oghren…. there are Cool Good People in this game.

there were a bit too many quests it was kinda overwhelming, and i got lost pretty easy, but neither of those were too bad.

I LOVE MY HUSBAND HIS ROMANCE WAS SO CUTE… i feel so bad that i asked him to do the ritual but it was that or die so….. im also sad bc i was going to romance leli and didnt get to bUT LISTEN. HE GAVE ME A ROSE. AND I USUALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT FLOWERS BUT IT WAS SO MEANINGFUL AND PRECIOUS AND SWEET.

fuck the fade it’s IMPOSSIBLE to fight all by yourself as an archer!!!! rip honestly!!!!!!!!

overall, i had fun playing it, but going back after da2 it’s kinda dissapointing haha, there’s no pc voice actor, combat’s just not as fun, graphics are lower quality, etc. still probs gonna replay it though, gotta romance leli! and maybe zev!

I really wish I had more dao on my dash, i miss my origins faves. ;_;