Before and After tag by @soft-almond

I was tagged by soft-almond to do this and I reaaalllly love the idea!! Funnily enough, I already took before and after pictures of an old sim the night before I was tagged so I just used those XD

I don’t think a single person will remember her, but this is Ashley McClarity, gen 4 heiress of the McClarity legacy. I thought she was gorgeous when I was playing with her but I opened her up last night and was like “wtf was wrong with me???”

EDIT: I tag @loniden @literallywhothe @femmesim @bananahut @vanillasimsfan @glitterysimmies @itssimplesimblr and anyone else that wants to do it!!

anonymous asked:

Just wondering, why do you hate Bughead so much? I don't watch the show but the gifs I've seen of them are really cute.

betty is a lesbian

they are cute, but honestly I was never really on board with them romantically. I don’t think they have chemistry and to me it just really came out of nowhere and I like them better as friends. but it was 1x10 (episode two weeks ago) that really turned me off of them. they got into a big fight and betty was awful to him and it just made me realize how they don’t communicate well but managed to resolve the conflict in half an episode. it really bugged me.