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Video request: can we see more of your game collection, maybe DS games this time?            

Sure, here’s me talkin about all my favorite DS games.




Ultraman Geed (pronounced Jeed) is coming!  This character will be the son of infamous evil Ultraman Belial.  Geed will have a human form named Riku Asakura played by Tatsuomi Hamada who, at only 16 years of age will be the youngest series lead in Ultra history!

His transformation device is the Geed Riser and looks like this:

Tsuburaya Productions has also released a PV promoting the upcoming series.

I really hope this one follows the recent trend of Ultraman X and Ultraman Orb by getting licensed for simulcast on Crunchyroll before it premieres in July!

Current mood after listening to this song from one of my favorite bands! I’m still surprised that the video so far even has that many likes and a lot less dislikes. People said the new Ghostbusters theme song is bad, but honestly, I actually like that song, and yet that song has a 50/50 ratings for likes and dislikes!? What is the world any more? I want some fucking answers! 

A Heartfelt Welcome

((So I have a drawing that sort of goes along with this but I’m too impatient to wait until I’ve colored it. >_< This is partially inspired by some of @markired‘s Wonderland edits, although I’m working on a plot line for everything as it stands. This is just an… excerpt of sorts, that I’ll put into the main story at some point, assuming I ever actually start it. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this!))

The guards ushered him towards the end of the hall where a pair of large, metal-looking doors sat towering before him. It was dark red, much like the rest of the castle, and was decorated just as thematically with elegant heart designs. Two more guards stood rigidly at the door, and turned to push it open once he had gotten close enough. It heaved open with a dull roar, and Mark was forced to move through once enough space had come between them.

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Manticore Markiplier! A gift for @caustic-synishade

Caustic’s always making these super weird and super cool creature versions of Mark. Spider, wasp, fish monster, bison, you name it, she’s done it! :D and I love it.

So here’s a piece inspired by Caustic’s work. Haha, I looked at it and thought: What the hell did I just make? :P

Btw, a manticore is a mythical lion creature with a scorpion tail and a human face. I added the bat-like wings just as my own version of a manticore.

Hope you enjoy!