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Whitechapel Fangirl Problems

I don’t really understand why there in’t more (and better) Kent/Chandler fic out there. I mean there’s so much to go on:

  • They’re cops
  • There’s a supernatural element
  • They’ve witnessed horrific things
  • They’ve both been assaulted
  • They have dark and traumatising pasts
  • One’s tall, blond and the stereotypical golden boy
  • One’s shorter, curly haired and the stereotypical quirky pale faced boy
  • One hero worships the other
  • One feels badly about upsetting the other on an almost weekly basis
  • One is the new, wide eyed, innocent and the other his more mature, suave superior
  • One keeps being mistaken for being gay
  • The other keeps looking longingly at, and frequently making time alone with the other
  • One might possibly be some sort of demonic angel thing
  • The other actually asked his boss out on a date (basically)
  • They’re basically tailored made for tumblr flail why is there not more out there?!

So remind me again why this cutie is not a huge tumblr baby? A list of why he should be:

  • He’s an actor
  • Weird-looking but cute
  • His hair
  • Musician
  • Plays a canonically gay  character with a canonical unrequited crush on his boss (that’s some fanfic shit right there)
  • His face
  • He is in a crime drama
  • With a supernatural element
  • With Steve Pemberton, people
  • His hair
  • His band, who’s t shirt he wore in an ep. of Whitechapel (that’s his thing and it’s fucking amazing)
  • Bambi
  • He wears a suit
  • He gets shit poured all over him all the fucking time by everyone
  • He has a darker side
  • He gets loads of hurt scenes but no comfort and that is fanfic GOLD
  • Lack of backstory- also fic gold
  • Sassy faces but not always confident to say what he’s thinking aloud
  • Look at this little shit how can you not love him 

So why is he not all over this site? *Shrugs* The Whitechapel fandom needs to be bigger!

OH-M-GOD, just realized that in this scene

- where Miles is insinuating something between Erica and Chandler, Joe actually says “why, what have you heard?”, before he knows Miles is talking about Erica. This might just be my shipper heart, but isn’t that like every fanfic ever written… never mind, I’ll go back to bed now…