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Thanks for your answer. You have a point, some people use the 'to protect Yuuki' and 'for love' excuses to defend Kaname. I can understand that some people like the idea of being controlled and submissive, but what I don't understand is that people call Kaname heroic when he himself stated that he is the other half of Rido and openly confessed to have planned the murder of Zero's parents.

Hi anon. I too can understand that at times, as a woman, having a stronger male be dominant is somewhat intriguing. Hence why I watch kdramas. Even though I must say kdramas are beginning to make our main male leads gentler, kinder balls of fluff towards the girls that they love. Bravo to them for that. 

 I do consider myself a feminist and I am very strong willed. I am a feminist but not an extremist. So, yes at times, I too, like to read or watch fiction with strong dominant male leads. At times, I find them sexy tbqh. 

I think the difference is that Kaname wasn’t a strong dominant character and Yuuki his equal who found that she liked to be submissive at times. Yuuki didn’t like it. She absolutely hated it. It caused her embarrassment, belittled her, and kept her from being her true self. She wanted freedom of choice and to feel like she was not useless. That is the very reason, to begin with, that she considered becoming a vampire before she even found out that she was a pureblood. She wanted to be useful and Kaname took that away from her.

Therefore no one who supports the heroine of this story can in good conscious support Kaname’s actions. Since those very actions left our heroine broken and a shell of her former self. 

It really is ironic that as a human she felt powerless. And it turned out she became more useless as a pureblood than she ever was as a human thanks to Kaname. Only when he set her free did parts of her true nature begin to show themselves again.

Kaname was definitely supposed to be Hino’s anti-hero. And in the end most fans of anti-heroes clearly know that the anti-hero has committed far too many crimes to go unpunished. Even if in the anti-hero’s mind he believes that the crimes he’s committed were for the greater good, we as readers know better.

We as readers or watchers can love our anti-heroes and yet still hold them accountable for their atrocious actions. Kaname fans lost sight of the fact that Kaname himself admits to his crimes and yet still doesn’t regret them. That is not someone who should be held in high regard. But instead held accountable.

Sorry I went off on a long tangent. 

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O problema é que, quando o assunto é amor, há sempre um pouco de covardia. Ninguém quer se arriscar demais. Porque é meio que uma aposta, né? Você passa anos ao lado de alguém, fazendo planos, contando segredos, dividindo o lado cama e, de repente, fim. Em um passe de mágica, a pessoa que conhece o seu lado mais feio, não está sequer mais ao seu lado. Talvez, amor seja isso; o encontro de duas pessoas com vergonha de parecerem covardes aos olhos da vida.
—  Li por ai.

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What are your thoughts of the bite scene in chapter 10 of Vkm. How can you describe Yuuki's face? I don't know if that face is a face that just received pleasure or a face that is discontent(but because of the faint blushing,I guess it's not discontentment?).Anyways,it's just that her expression reminded me a little of her face when Yuuki and Kaname did you know what.I need to see your point of view to feel better of this subject.Thank you very much!

Well anon I just went back over the three scenes that I consider most likely to be compared to the zeki bite scene in VKM chapter 10. If I am being honest with you, I don’t think they should be perceived the same way. 

In all three of the Kaname and Yuuki scenes it is apparent that Yuuki is clearly going through emotional stress. She ends up crying in all three scenes and has been emotionally manipulated in all three scenes. It is quite clear that she is not happy, but sad and resigned to her fate. In both of the bite scenes her blood is everywhere and she is clearly in pain. In one of them she is literally being punished. In the other bite scene Kaname is clearly taking too much blood as she is unable to walk after that and needs to be carried. She did not initiate any of these acts. 

The zeki bite, on the other hand, Yuuki clearly initiates. She is slightly blushing and at this point it looks to me that Zero hasn’t even used his fangs yet. He is simply in the process of licking her neck. There are no tears and the look as she reaches her hand out for him is inviting. She is not in any way under duress or emotional stress.

I absolutely think that Yuuki totally wanted Zero to drink from her. She is in no way discontent and Zero is in no way harming or hurting her. Of course fangs going into your neck at the initial entrance I would assume hurts a bit. But like I said Yuuki initiated the bite and is in no way being hurt or having her blood smeared all over the place.

The zeki bite scene is totally Yuuki’s choosing. So she wanted it and is not discontented with what is happening. 

I hope I helped alleviate any doubts you may have had. 

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One of my biggest pet peeves is when imagine writers make Uma this huge jealous bitch to the reader when it comes to Harry and then make Rotten Four like angels saving the reader, as if Uma would really be like that. idk why that really pisses me off!
P.S. I hate when they kept calling only the Rotten Core the “vks” like THEY ARE ALL VKS TF. UMA, HARRY, AND GIL ARE VILLAINS’S KIDS! Sorry for the rant…

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Ok ok hear me out. This will be the best. Seventeen as potatoes........ yes. (Fries, mashed potatoes, even a straight up raw straight from the ground potato, anything is possible my love)

author’s note: MY TIME HAS COME YES for I am too a potato

S.Coups: extra and filling with a handful of cheese and heartiness

Jeonghan: Lucious but bad for u

Joshua: traditional but irresistible plus super pretty, all the grandparents to the toddlers love him

Jun: cajun fries cause this boy is never boring and always flavorful

Hoshi: tornado fries? nah, HURRICANE FRIES 

Wonwoo: sophisticated but fun 

Woozi: Korea’s (potato) pancake 

DK:  ba da dum dum dum everyone’s lovin you

Mingyu: looks manly and intimidating but soft on the inside

The8: u can try to eat it but it’ll fuc u up

Seungkwan: extra asf and will probably make u cry from how good it is

Vernon: he’s a hot potato ;), but he’s just happy to be here and to be a part of something

Dino: a sweet potato pie but spiced 

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