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O problema é que, quando o assunto é amor, há sempre um pouco de covardia. Ninguém quer se arriscar demais. Porque é meio que uma aposta, né? Você passa anos ao lado de alguém, fazendo planos, contando segredos, dividindo o lado cama e, de repente, fim. Em um passe de mágica, a pessoa que conhece o seu lado mais feio, não está sequer mais ao seu lado. Talvez, amor seja isso; o encontro de duas pessoas com vergonha de parecerem covardes aos olhos da vida.
—  Li por ai.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when imagine writers make Uma this huge jealous bitch to the reader when it comes to Harry and then make Rotten Four like angels saving the reader, as if Uma would really be like that. idk why that really pisses me off!
P.S. I hate when they kept calling only the Rotten Core the “vks” like THEY ARE ALL VKS TF. UMA, HARRY, AND GIL ARE VILLAINS’S KIDS! Sorry for the rant…

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Ok ok hear me out. This will be the best. Seventeen as potatoes........ yes. (Fries, mashed potatoes, even a straight up raw straight from the ground potato, anything is possible my love)

author’s note: MY TIME HAS COME YES for I am too a potato

S.Coups: extra and filling with a handful of cheese and heartiness

Jeonghan: Lucious but bad for u

Joshua: traditional but irresistible plus super pretty, all the grandparents to the toddlers love him

Jun: cajun fries cause this boy is never boring and always flavorful

Hoshi: tornado fries? nah, HURRICANE FRIES 

Wonwoo: sophisticated but fun 

Woozi: Korea’s (potato) pancake 

DK:  ba da dum dum dum everyone’s lovin you

Mingyu: looks manly and intimidating but soft on the inside

The8: u can try to eat it but it’ll fuc u up

Seungkwan: extra asf and will probably make u cry from how good it is

Vernon: he’s a hot potato ;), but he’s just happy to be here and to be a part of something

Dino: a sweet potato pie but spiced 

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AAH! Please,zerolover66! I beg you! Show me something of zeki,anything!Anything that is positive, just please! I feel like someone took my brain and shook it a 1000 times and now it's a slow, thick, milkshake! I,even if it's not recommended for people of the zeki ship,went to the yume tag.I'm happy to declare that I'm alive,but not so well. So please,it could be anything.A theory,a fact,a drawing,anything to hydrate my zeki self... Thank you,for everything and for being in the Zeki fam!

Hi there sweet anon. I would recommend that you stay out of the yu/me tag completely. Trying to figure out some of their logic will just burn your brain cells tbh.

I will share a few things with you that I know for sure;

Yuuki and Zero loved each other while at the academy in the original run of VK. 

Hino clearly had Zero question what would have happened had he held onto Yuuki instead of pushing her away when he found out she was a pureblood. This telling, us, the readers that the outcome would have been much different.

One of the most important statements about zeki that was ever made is below. They always find a way to move forward and in the process do it their way. 

And the most important and telling statement of all is below.

Yuuki has NEVER EVER been afraid of Zero!!!

And though this is not zeki, it is important because Hino has Kaname himself say how softhearted (kind and compassionate) Zero is;

There are so many more I could show you but I hope this at least soothes your soul a bit.

And just so you know she is thinking about Zero and looking up at him even after he is gone.

Like I said there are soooooo many things to show and say about zeki and not enough time in a day.

Thanks for dropping by :)