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i always told myself i wouldnt beat ck up this bad but i really couldnt help myself

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anonymous asked:

um I get Bonnie cause she was left alone AGAIN and Stefan because he was killed off but Caroline?? How does she "deserve better" ?

well for starters just like Bonnie and Elena, Caroline also lost her entire family? Her own father hated her so much that he tortured her and allowed himself to die just so he wouldn’t be like her. She was abused by Damon and Klaus. Tyler chose revenge over her. She was forcibly magically impregnated with witch babies. She’s finally happy and engaged to Stefan and then he sacrifices himself to save her daughters. They finally get back together and everything is looking up until SHE BECOMES A WIDOW ON HER FUCKING WEDDING DAY. Like literally a few hours after she said “I do” her husband sacrificed his life (AGAIN) to try and do the right thing and help save everyone.

WIDOWED ON HER WEDDING DAY. Just let that sink in. Say what you want about her personality but she 100% deserved better.