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Daria 30 Day Challenge » Day 20: An idea for a future “Daria” episode

Now I’m not sure if they’re asking for an episode set in the future or an episode idea in general. So I’m pitching my episode idea that should of happened. I think there should of been an episode where Jane really questions her sexuality. In “Is It Fall Yet?” Jane goes to an artist colony and befriends an older friend named Allison who comes to really like Jane…like really like Jane and basically comes on to her, Jane is freaked out because she wasn’t expecting this and then Allison is confused because she could of sworn Jane was bi/lesbian and tells Jane that she’s never wrong about that assumption which leaves Jane with mixed feelings. Later in the movie, Jane makes little hints at her confusion like when Daria compliments her saying that she’s so sure of herself and Jane quietly mocks that and then when Jane and Daria are at Trent’s gig, Jane tells Daria no sleepovers for a while. Now my point is that there should of been a legit episode where Jane further contemplates her sexuality.

Reasons why:

  • This all happens after Tom and Jane break up so it’s the perfect opportunity to explore other things
  • Glenn Eichler has even said Jane’s sexuality is to be bicurious or a big question mark
  • The one thing the show never really touched on in a teen’s life is exploring/realizing their true sexuality. I don’t know if it was because it was the 90s and those things would be way more confrontational or what.

This is how I think the episode should of been like, it’s obviously season 5 and it starts with Tom and Daria really getting really into their relationship and start accidentally leaving Jane out so Jane gets frustrated and spends a lot of time in her room and then she stumbles upon some stuff from the colony like maybe notes between her and Allison or whatever and starts freaking out because she recalls memories and feelings of her confusion so now she is convinced that maybe the reason why her relationship with Tom failed was because she might actually be gay, so knowing Jane she goes from one extreme to the other so she is convinced she’s 100% lesbian and starts beating around the bush with Trent on how to pick up girls, he’s clueless and doesn’t realize her intentions with the questions. Jane starts avoiding Daria and basically every other female because she’s scared they all know her secret. Eventually Daria confronts Jane on why she’s ignoring her so Jane finally tells her that she might be into girls but she’s not sure. Daria is sympathetic but doesn’t understand so finally Jane and Trent have a heart to heart and basically all of Jane’s confusion was in her head and that no matter what Trent is there for her. Episode ends with Jane and Daria walking to school and Daria basically asks Jane if she’s completely done with guys and Jane says no and then Daria asks if she’s done with girls and then Jane just says, “I don’t know” and episode ends. I like it this way where her sexuality is still unknown because in the end it’s no one’s business and it lets everyone feel reassured that sometimes sexuality isn’t just black and white and that you’re always 100% sure, it’s okay to be in the middle or a little gray.

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—  Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Oblivion