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Changmin - I'll Make it Up to You

Requested by: No one

Characters: ‘You’ and Changmin

Description: You and the boys were supposed to go hang out because you rarely get to see them. They mess it up by not showing up at home until three hours later. Changmin wanted to make it up to you with a better present.


  A/N - I hope you guys are liking the scenarios I am writing. You guys can started submitting any time ya want ;~;. I was thinking about including all five members, but this is kinda based in the future, so I said I’ll do it next time… 

-Admin Bao

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[Trans] Junsu’s cyworld 2003

131223 #TVXQDAY

[Trans] Junsu’s cyworld 2003 the moment when he
knew he was going to be part of TVXQ:
I need to love all of them.. Jaejoongie-hyung,
Yunho-hyung, Yoochunie, Changminnie.
embrace and face all of this.. My future with TVXQ,
we’re going to become legends
I need to hold all of those things close… My career,
these friends of mine, this opportunity to sing. my
I have to do all this, isn’t it?.. even if it’s without
[다 사랑해야지.. 재중이형, 윤호형, 유천이, 창민이
모든걸 감싸 안아야지.. 앞으로 나랑 동방신기 전설이 될거
야그 전부를 내가 품어야지.. 동방 가족이, 노래를 부를 수
있는 기회, 내 꿈
그래야지..^^ 혁재 없이도, 난 그래야지..]
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