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Here is a glimpse of my passport Traveler’s Notebook (TN) in Brown. 
I am the type of person who loves scratches and bumps on my planner, to give character, however I am also the type that wants the TN to look brand new. So I’m just babying the leather and try my best not to freak out about scratches and scuffs. 

I love how portable this planner is, and it is about the size of an iPhone. When I go out and about, I place my cards and money into the planner and it becomes my wallet + planner. AND if I’m going overseas, + passport holder. 
All those in just 1 item. 

I’ve added a small tassel on the top of the TN, that is just for fun. That’s something for me to fiddle with when I carry it around. 

Good god, this is perfection.

I just got my new Traveler’s Company (formerly known as Midori) TN in the limited Olive edition. The leather is a deep green-brown. My custom verawood pen, made by John Albert of Romulus Pens, matches it perfectly. The Rotring also has a pleasing contrast with its burgundy color… nhnnnnggghhhh!


The Story So Far Rocketown Nashville, TN by kinseylimpfy
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The Story So Far Rocketown Nashville, TN


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對岸買PN size試水溫,品質出乎意料地不錯。瘋馬皮觸感很好,原本有點擔心的瘋馬皮痕跡也很漂亮。賣家送了不少配件😆 #stationery #PA #passportsize #notebook #leather #collection by Crystal Yi-Tong Dawn

Bridge Ruins. 

Nature will always win and reclaim what humanity leaves behind as monuments to itself. Don’t get too hung up in your life trying to build a lasting memorial to yourself, for even one day the great pyramids will crumble, and all great men and women we know of now will be erased from history. Invest your life into your next generation, those will be the true marks you leave behind. 

Hampton, Tennessee