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downworlders network battle: the tmi cast (insp.)

“When we were talking about casting initially, Harald was concentrating very hard on wanting to build a team of people who would work together well. And I don’t know how he predicts these things, but he really did manage to get a whole bunch of people together who get along incredibly well. I think it’s a huge relief for everybody because they had to work on this project for three months together. So it’s great that they all are actually really good friends.” — Cassandra Clare


Matt Daddario & Dom Sherwood talk about the Parabatai Bond ∂

  I tried to describe the parabatai relationship by using Matt and Dom’s own words and by reuniting some of the most significant parabatai scenes throughout Season 1 and 2a. The audio snippets I used are from different panels, interviews and live chats!