edit: tipping the velvet


Annie on my mind- Nancy Garden

Keeping you a secret- Julie Anne Peters

Leaving L.A.- Kate Christie

Me and you and daisies- Lily R. Mason

The world unseen- Shamim Sarif 

Wildthorn- Jane England

Tipping the velvet- Sarah Waters

Dare truth or promise- Paula Boock

And Playing the role of herself- K.E. Lane

Hunter’s Way- Gerri Hill

Ash- Malinda Lo

The price of salt- Patricia Highsmith

Patience & Sarah- Isabel Miller

The Gravity between us- Kristen Zimmer

Her name in the sky- Kelly Quindlen 

Taking the long way- Lily R. Mason

Fingersmith- Sarah Waters



“When I see her,” I said, “it’s like - I don’t know what it’s like. It’s like I never saw anything at all before. It’s like I am filling up, like a wine-glass when it’s filled with wine. I watch the acts before her and they are like nothing - they’re like dust. Then she walks on the stage and - she is so pretty; and her suit is so nice; and her voice is so sweet… She makes me want to smile and weep, at once. She makes me sore, here.” I placed a hand upon my chest, upon the breast-bone. “I never saw a girl like her before. I never knew that there were girls like her…”

a Tipping the Velvet WicDiv au practically WRITES ITSELF I mean cmon u got

Laura as Nancy: teenage girl who wants something more and loves going to concerts and then she starts crushing on the PERFoRMEr known as

Luci as Kitty Butler: wants more than anything to be on the stage, to be seen, to be famous, and engages in morally ambiguous behavior towards that end. Is also Laura/Nan’s first love

Sakhmet as Diana Lethaby: hedonism above all, hooks up with Laura a lot but it’s really not in a healthy way, GREAT sense of fashion, tons of gay pals

Baal as Zena Blake: one looks after the Pantheon as its head, the other wanted to start a home for women in Australia???? clearly they both are caring souls who like living with lots of ppl. also both of them were with Laura/Nan at the same time Sakhmet/Diana was , but it really didn’t last very long

and Cassandra Igarashi as Florence Banner: super smart, super into social justice, clearly connects the most to Laura/Nancy emotionally and GETS her the most, spends a long time becoming her friend before true love can bloom

So I just finished reading Tipping the Velvet for the first time

It’s So. Good.

I wasn’t expecting it to be as explicit as it was, but I was glad of it - it’s so delightfully unashamed of itself.

Also, I was kind of expecting, y’know, two girls in love with each other in a background full of straight people? But no, my friends, no - everywhere our protagonist goes there are literally dozens of lesbians and it’s so great