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Here is the tale of a quest to recover a kingdom swallowed by flame,

The return of the King, and how he proved himself worthy of fame;  

Here is the tale of an elven prince, fair as starlight, raven-haired,  

Who fought at his side; here is the tale of the love that they shared.

“Let me tell you a tale of the elder days, when mighty men and wicked monsters still roamed our Middle Earth; when the shining elves still sung in the shadow of the silver trees and the deep-delving dwarves still dwelt in the bones of the mountains. Let me tell you a tale of one of the greatest of all the heroes of that past age, the golden King, he who was called the Thunderer before he recovered his crown and his kingdom, he who founded that great Kingdom of Men now lost and forgotten, who made his home in the Realm Eternal, the jewel-bright city of Asgard, high amidst the clouds…”

The Lay of Loki written by amberfox17 (a little collaboration between me and Amber who shares my love for elf hair and elf!loki. Thank you for writing this beautiful drabble!)