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Crazy Hunger Games Thought - Young Coriolanus

Could there have been a point where President Snow wasn’t a total prick? Like at some point earlier in his life, he had that “fear leads to anger/anger leads to hate/hate leads to suffering” moment and made the wrong choice? At one point he clearly loved and was loved - I mean he has a granddaughter - and even as regards her he clearly has some level of humanity left. And then there’s his honesty with Katniss, that even though he’s brutal and sadistic, he’s not lying to her about being the person he is - whereas Coin acts like she’s the better alternative when she’s straight up full of shit and would possibly be even worse than him. I +almost+ want to write the Young Coriolanus Adventures and play this headcanon out - see who broke his heart and when he decided there was nothing left for him but to murder and poison his enemies and seize power because nothing mattered any more. Maybe we’d get a glimpse at the self-delusion he lives in, like he’s making the world a better place for his granddaughter, even though he’s murdering and killing and torturing to do it. Maybe his heart was so broken his mind was broken too. There could be an AU Coriolanus out there who went a different day, said the Games were shit, never tried to bomb District 13 out of existence, and democratized Panem. Or maybe he’s just like Lex Luthor, in that in almost every parallel universe, Luthor is still Luthor. Who knows? I ponder it. I wonder if his school friends called him “Cory.”


Farewell for the Season

Capitol Couture wraps up a revolutionary year of events. 

As our year comes to a close, those of us still in the offices here at Capitol Couture find ourselves feeling the nostalgia of the season- looking back on the incredible happenings we’ve brought to you only makes us want to relive them.  We’ve compiled our favorite events of the year all here in one place, to show exactly what this year has meant to the Capitol and all of Panem.  

Our first glimpse of District 12’s star-crossed lovers since the 74th Games signaled an eager nation that a captivating Victory Tour was in store for us all.  Twelve days later, we saw our young victors arrive at their final fete in style beyond compare, beaming as adopted children of the Capitol.  Emotions across Panem ran wild as Effie Trinket reached into her empty glass bowls at the Quarter Quell reaping, and this time, Peeta Mellark uttered the fateful words, “I volunteer."  He and Katniss Everdeen struck imposing silhouettes together in the tribute parade, smoldering in yet another of Cinna’s revolutionary creations.  We entered a new training center with our victor tributes, marveling at its gleaming walls and modern design, and soon after again witnessed Cinna’s incomparable fashion talent in Katniss’ transforming mockingjay gown on Caesar Flickerman’s interview stage.  Our hearts skipped a beat at the stunning arena courtesy of Plutarch Heavensbee and the Gamemakers, and again at the divine viewing parties held all through the Capitol.  

We are delighted to have had you with us through this life-altering series of events, dear readers, and wish you a most fashion-forward and Oh So Capitol New Year.   

If you’ve missed any of this years events – relive them all here!