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Loki uses his sceptre to turn you into one of his personal slaves in knowing that The Avengers couldn’t ever dream about harming you. Loki orders you to kill a human in front of your team which goes against your soul morals as the Goddess of Life and Nature, once you have performed his wish he lets his control over you go and since that moment you were never the same girl.

Bruce: It wasn’t your fault Y/N

Y/N: Just leave me alone, I can’t do this anymore, I deserve to die.

Natasha: Don’t say that, it’ll be okay, you’ll be okay, I won’t let him do this again, I swear.

Pietro?  Fast little brat, I hate-[trips] [pictures of Pietro fall out of pocket]  W-what a fucking asshole [More pictures fall out of jacket] [sweats] t-these aren’t, these aren’t m-mine. [gathers pictures frantically]FUCK  I’m juST hoLDInG them for a FRIEND [Thousands of pictures fall to the ground] [cries] I’M hOlding theM for friend just listEN
—  Clint about Pietro at some point, probably

Fury had sent you on a mission on my own, liberate prisoners in a science lab in Sweden and then return back to the Stark Tower in New York City. Everyone had been ignoring you all day and when you had landed softly on the helipad and brought in your wings quietly the lights were off, fair enough it was quite late but Steve always stayed up to wait for you once you had been sent on a mission, especially when you had been on my own.

Come to think of it, the entire team had been ignoring you for the past week, you didn’t really notice because you spent most of your time in the simulation room for training.

You removed your helmet gently, ruffling your blue waves which reached your waist as you walked up to the balcony doors which welcomed you like they did most nights, without a sound. Your crimson skirt had a slight tear in it from the fighting you had done but you weren’t hurt, it was one of the perks of being the sister of Thor, Goddess of Manipulation.

The building was eerily quiet as you walked through the doors and approached the bar, fixing yourself a strong glass of whiskey which seemed to be the only mortal drink that was strong enough for your tastes, you set your golden helmet onto the bar surface with a clang before turning away to grab the whiskey bottle from the top shelf.

All of the lights burst into action, momentarily blinding you, “SURPRISE!” the word chorused, causing you to jump from being scared and drop your favourite bottle of whiskey, smashing it into 1000 pieces on the ground.

“What are you doing?” you exclaim with your hand pressed against your heart which was thumping violently in your chest.

Steve, your boyfriend, stepped out from the large crowd of well dressed people with a confused expression before it turned into realisation, “You’ve forgotten your own birthday?”

It dawned on you and you went wide-eyed, “Yeah I think I did,” you look over to your brother who was leaning against the arm of the chair, “How old am I again?”

Thor chuckled, “You don’t want to know Y/N, you always say you’re 21 though,” he said with a wink.

“Yeah, I’m 21.”

Signs as Avengers: Age of Ultron

Aries: Captain America/ Steve Rogers 

 Taurus: Tony Stark/ Iron Man 

 Gemini: Ultron 

 Cancer: Black Widow/ Natasha Romanoff 

Leo: QuickSilver/ Pietro Maximoff 

 Virgo: Thor

 Libra: Hulk/ Bruce Banner 

 Scorpio: Scarlet Witch/ Wanda Maximoff 

Sagittarius: Hawkeye/ Clint Barton 

 Capricorn: Nick Fury 

 Aquarius: Jarvis/ Vision 

 Pisces: Maria Hill

Quick, don’t think of Tony and Steve being trapped and cut off from all the other Avengers.

Quick, don’t think of them being badly injured. Don’t think of Tony’s suit being scratched and dented to all hell while Steve’s uniform is torn to shreds. Don’t think of them both bleeding out and desperately trying to nurse broken bones.

Quick, don’t think of their only way of escape being blocked off.

Quick, don’t think of Hawkeye and Nat thinking that Tony and Steve are off being boss-ass superhusbands in battle. Don’t think that their visions in their minds drive them to keep kicking ass and they use that as motivation; to see the two again.

Quick, don’t think of Bruce in the Bird, scuttling around, helplessly trying to reach Tony and Steve, wanting to warn them about a new wave of enemies.

Quick, don’t think of Tony’s anxiety over New York coming back. Don’t think of him hurrying to tell JARVIS, a static-y broken JARVIS, mind you, to take his suit off. Don’t think of him starting to hyperventilate in Steve’s arms as he worries about the rest of the team, about his tower, and about his suits.

Quick, don’t think of Steve promising it’ll all be okay. Don’t think of Steve holding him close and pressing small kisses to his forehead in attempt to calm him down. Don’t think of Steve looking up at the blocked entrance every so often, hoping that someone will come, but knowing that this may very well be the end.

Quick, don’t think of the short breaths Tony begins to take as the oxygen runs low. Don’t think of Steve having to listen to his hyperventilation, wishing he could help.

Quick, don’t think of Tony sucking in his last breath as he struggles to get air into his lungs. Don’t think of Steve feeling guilty, knowing that as The Supersoldier, he can go longer.

Quick, don’t think of Steve bawling as he holds the cold Tony close. Don’t think of him trying to get a hold of JARVIS, seeing if there’s something, anything, he can do.

Quick, don’t think of Thor lifting a large rock that leads down to a small crevice in search for any civilians. Don’t think of Steve’s eyes burning as he sees light yet again. Don’t think of the horror and sorrow on Thor’s face as he sees a very pale Steve holding a lifeless Tony.

Quick, don’t think of Steve beginning to cry again as he sees Tony’s dead body in the light for the first time.

Quick, don’t think of the sullen silence between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as they mourn the loss of Anthony Stark.