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swesson au: Sam Wesson has always been really forward about what he wants. Dean Smith takes some convincing to come out of his shell. In the end, they’re perfect for each other.

Dean Smith needed a personal assistant, so he hired a young college student named Sam. Three things went wrong: one, Sam would constantly flirt with him; two, Sam sucked at his job; and three, Sam called him at the worst time. Dean would rather hire a clown off the streets than let Sam near his computer. Every time Dean tried to fire him, Sam would give him a big, bright smile that warmed Dean’s heart. Yeah. Dean couldn’t get rid of him, not that he really wanted to.

someone prove to me how it wasn’t inevitable that Dean Smith and Sam Wesson were going to end up in bed together if Zachariah had been allowed to keep the Winchesters in his fantasy land.

-after the magnetizing staring contests,

before they had properly met.

-after the accusations of sexuality,

and offering that beer after taking Sam back to his place so late at night.

-after feeling that empty shell without each other,

and then coming alive while they were near.

-after the dreams Sam had of he and Dean,

and how he told Dean about those dreams.

-after Sam, bright-eyed and hopeful, asked Dean to throw it all away and be with him,

after Dean actually did just that.

prove to me how they weren’t going to let their eyes wander during those late nights in a split motel room, wondering why this other person has so much sway in their life. why they click, why they make sense. why they met and dropped everything to do what they were doing. prove to me they weren’t going to impress each other in a brawl with a monster and save each others lives. tell me how they wouldn’t end up wrapped around each other after Sam’s dreams of him and Dean didn’t stop. because they both couldn’t explain their wild and sudden attachment, which Dean originally mistook for simple flirting.

Sam nervously made his way towards the new kid, Dean Smith. He noticed that Dean was working on his homework in the library. Sam cleared his throat to get his attention. “H-Hi.”

Dean peeked at him before scribbling down on his notebook. “Yes?” he said impatiently.

“I’m Sam—” He gulped. “—and I was wondering if you would like to—”

“I’m going to stop you right there.” Dean raised his hand. “I’m trying to get some work done here. So what makes you think I’m going to like doing anything afterwards?” Dean knew he was being a bitch, but the chemistry homework he was working on was kicking his ass.

Sam frowned, then bit his lips. “Oh… I’ll, uh, just go then.” Sam ducked away as he spun around. So much for a date…

The next day Sam got a few books from the shelves, then he headed towards the counter to have them check out. He picked up a book that read: Ghosthunters. Bless school for having good books.

“Huh? I didn’t peg you as a paranormal guy,” Dean uttered out from behind him. Sam tensed, and quickly covered his books. He didn’t want Dean to think he was a geek or a loser.

“Umm— No! These aren’t for me,” Sam lied, “t-there for my friend.” Sam wanted to crawl under a rock and die from humiliation.

“I like it too,” Dean blurted out.

Sam blinked. “Really?”

“Yeah. Look.” Dean took off his backpack and unzipped it, he pulled out a novel: The Dead won’t Stay Dead. “This is my favorite book!” Dean smiled, then blushed as he slightly squealed. “Y-You want to borrow it? It’s really good.”

“Sure.” Sam nearly screamed in excited. “When I get home I’m so going to read this.” He gently grabbed the book, admiring the scary font and page cover. “Thanks, Dean.”

“We can talk about it together when you’re done,” Dean offered. “I know I was being an asshole to you yesterday, so let me make it up to you on Friday after school. That okay?”

Sam nodded, speechless. “Yes. Very okay with it.” He got his date.

“Good. Really good.” It got a little awkward with both them blushing like school girls. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Sam.”

Again, Sam nodded. He waved bye at Dean and then gazed back to the book. Sam had never been so happy to love supernatural.

Much to-do about nothing

Tagged by @zmediaoutlet to list the top five things on my writing to-do list. Thanks Z! My long fics are both done - Wincest Reverse Bang and Wincest Big Bang - and I can’t talk about my summergen fic SOOOOOO let’s talk about my first five fics for kink bingo which are pushing some boundaries for me.

1) Trophy Boy - J2 rps/virginity kink. Jared is a college student in need of money and Jensen is a professional photographer looking for models for a new line of lingerie designed for guys. (Not only virgin kink but a big ole dose of panty/stocking/lingerie. BRING ON THE FLUFFY SMUT. I need something cute and sexy, and there is nothing better than virgin-nerd Jared and a besotted Jensen).

2) See The Red - DeanxCain/caning. Dean is having trouble dealing with his anger and the Mark, and turns to Cain to learn control. (Here there be CANING with sub MoC Dean and an understanding dom Cain, with background Wincest (because of course, in the end there’s Wincest). I blame @zmediaoutlet for my infatuation with how malleable MoC!Dean is, especially with Sam and Crowley. That boy needs the love and understanding of a good dom.)

3) Better Things To Do - Wincest/somnophilia. Since Dean picked up Sam from Stanford, his brother’s done nothing but argue. But when he sleeps… (Dubcon pairing s1 Sam who is frustrated and questioning everything with a slightly darker version of Dean. This Sam and Dean experimented with sex as teenagers before Stanford - no angst with no strings. Now that Sam is back, Dean wants more and isn’t sure how to ask for it.)

4) Mr. Winkles Has A Secret - SamxJess/sex toys. Sam’s never had a teddy bear and Jess is more than willing to share. (Ummm, yeah, so this fic is happy whack. Going through all possible kinks for this pair and there are so many great fics out there already. You know what kink has never been written for them? Plushies. Oh yeah, I’m going there.)

5) The Edge of Us - Wincest/breath play. Dean knows that something is different with Sam since he got back from the Cage. And the things that Sam wants? Dean will just have to figure it out. (Canon says Soulless Sam was a great lover. Maybe part of that drive to perform for others (and often) was some kind of instinctive imperative, but I imagine that in all of that, Sam just wants to feel something. He doesn’t know what that is, so he pushes a lot of limits to see how it should feel. Dean doesn’t know that Sam’s soulless yet so he wants to help.)

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Dean Smith being bored and horny one day and somehow convinces Sam to play strip poker with him.
Sam winning most of the times, and soon Dean is wearing nothing but jeans and the samulet.
“No underwear?” Sam asks him, pretending not to see Dean’s obvious erection.
When Sam starts to slowly unbutton his shirt Dean lets out a breathy sigh.
Before either of them know it, Dean is up against the wall, stripping Sam of his shirt while kissing him.
Drunk on hormones and their competitiveness they fuck
They don’t regret anything afterwards.
Nor do they regret it the next time or the time after that
Nor do they when they’re Sam and Dean Winchester again