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Men's Kimono

Although less common than women’s kimono, men’s kimono are not only perfectly acceptable everyday attire, but easier to put on then women’s kimono.

A man’s kimono generally consists of three pieces - the naga-juban (長襦袢), which is tied with a band called a shitaobi (下帯) around the hips (velcro is also available) or a himo (紐) band:

Then the kimono (着物) on top. The kimono is tied with the final part, the obi (帯). Please note the length of the sleeves - just like a western men’s suit, the hem of the sleeve must reach to the man’s wrist, and never shorter.

The rest of the kimono is all accessories. You can buy tabi (足袋) socks and geta (下駄) shoes as in the picture above. The jacket part, while optional, is usually worn to complete the outfit. It is called a haori (羽織). The cord used to tie the front is one of the many ways to add your own design to the ensemble. Hats, too, are completely acceptable.