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Your boyfriend, Stefan got into it with some werewolf that was flirting with you at a party, which caused him to get bit. And as of right now, Klaus’ blood is the only source that Stefan knows of to cure a wolf bite, so he insisted on going to New Orleans to get it because Stefan is the only one out of the group that is friends with the original hybrid himself.

Stefan made sure to call Klaus beforehand and thankfully, Klaus agreed to do him this favor even though he is a busy man. And since you go wherever your boyfriend goes, you packed any needed essentials for your visit there.

Arriving to New Orleans, Klaus insisted on meeting at a bar called “Rousseau’s” located in the French Quarter. A round of shots was already waiting for the three of you at the bar with Klaus exchanging words with the blonde bartender. When the bartender noticed your arrival, she went back to working.

“Stefan. Long time no see.” Klaus greeted Stefan with a pat on the back.

“If it isn’t the big bad hybrid.” Stefan took a seat on the bar stool.

“Hello, love.” Klaus gave you a hug, towering over you.

“Hey Klaus. New Orleans is stunning.” You replied.

“I’d enjoy showing you…and Stefan around.”

“You sure you got the time?” Stefan asked.

“Nonsense. Matter a fact, Elijah should arrive shortly. But I can’t forget to give you what you came for.” Klaus pulled out a vile from his pocket that was already pre-filled with his blood, handing it to Stefan without caring about being low key about it.

“Very much appreciated, Klaus.” Stefan chugs the vile of Klaus’ blood, then takes his shot and leaves to go use the bathroom.

While Stefan was gone, you and Klaus did the usual ‘cheers’ with your shot of liquor and even talked a bit about the craziness going on in his life in New Orleans. He even flashed you that crooked smile thing he does that women lusted after. You love Stefan so it didn’t get to you at all.

Stefan comes back from the restroom and in his view, it seems as if Klaus is being a little too friendly with you from the laughs and smiles the two of you are exchanging. It does make Stefan a little uneasy since he is the jealous type.

You see finally see Elijah walk in, so you go over to greet him with hug. He always was your favorite Mikaelson brother.

This is when Stefan finds it as the perfect opportunity to ‘set Klaus straight’. He stands behind Klaus, leaning to his ear to speak in a low tone so that you wouldn’t hear. “Speak a word to my girl other than ‘hello’ again and I’ll rip your throat out, alright?” Stefan threatened.

Klaus smirked. He always found it amusing getting under people’s skin. “Oh Stefan, I never sought out for you to be the jealous type. I’ve always seen Damon fit the narrative.”

Stefan sure has some balls to threaten the one man that literally saved his life.

Ich liebe dich, trotz deiner manchmal komplizierten Art. Ich liebe dich, für jeden deiner blöden Kommentare. Ich liebe dich, selbst wenn wir uns die Köpfe einschlagen. Ich liebe dich, auch wenn du auf stur schaltest. Ich liebe dich, obwohl du mich manchmal in den Wahnsinn treibst. Ich liebe dich, selbst wenn wir wieder sinnlos diskutieren. Ich liebe dich immer. Egal was passiert.

You: “Did you just crack a smile?”
Stefan: “No.”
You: “Yes, you did! See, you’re doing it again!”
Stefan: “You must need glasses, dear. No smile for me. Only when I have fun.”

That ending was truly perfect (for me anyway). Elena lived her life after her parents died, blaming herself for their deaths and missing them SO MUCH. She found Stefan and found a life again, but that kind of longing never truly goes away no matter how happy you are. 

In this life, Elena found her soulmate in Damon Salvatore, and lived a fulfilling and meaningful life with Damon and probably their children. One day, when both of them were well-along in years and had lived full lives together, they died. Elena found her peace with her parents, including John, and Jenna. The people that she loved and who loved her unconditionally. 

Damon found his peace with his brother. The man who sacrificed himself so Damon could live a life with Elena Gilbert Salvatore. There is no greater ending than two brothers being reunited in heaven for all eternity, and Elena being able to be reunited with her family, and also Damon, as Julie Plec confirmed they were. 

They all found everlasting peace. Damon and Elena. Damon and Stefan. Bonnie and Enzo. Elena and her family.