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Listen, 2017 is going to be remembered as a shitty year for a lot of reasons, but don’t let one of those reasons be that we could have had a full fledged Stargate reboot but didn’t support the obvious Pilot Project to Gauge Interest that is Stargate Origins.

Come on, it’s going to have aliens and lady egyptologists and things that go WHOOSH. Pretty please with an entire mountain or sugar on top, support this.

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STARGATE: ORIGINS - Official Teaser Trailer

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Even though I would love to see Stargate Universe getting an actual ending to that journey, Stargate Origins sounds really promising and I would love for the franchise to go deeper into the mythos of the universe.

same here.

i think all of us would much rather see a continuation of any of the three shows (me personally, i would most of all love some sort of closure for stargate universe).

i also think none of us ever exptected stargate to come back on tv. there was talk of the reboot a few years back (in which none of the tv characters would’ve existed, an jack and daniel wouldn’t have been a part of it either), but those plans fell through. and there are of course the legacy books and now comics, but they’re not appreciated by everyone, as is their right.
so this announcement, while kind of out of the blue, is a very welcome surprise (at least to me it is).

i think the most important part is that we shouldn’t complain (too much). maybe it’s not what we wanted or what we would’ve chosen, but we get stargate back in some way. and if we remain positive about this while also letting the producers/writers/MGM know we would love to see closure for our three shows as well, well, who knows.

i’m not saying it’ll garantuee anything, not at all. but the fact that MGM is willing to create this origins story, while 6 years ago they shelved all of their plans due to bankruptcy, means there’s still plenty of interest on their end. not to mention a lot of shows have been getting actual revivals in the last few years. so who knows where this “revival” might lead to! this is our time folks, let your voices be heard.
*quietly hums the stargate theme while pulling out all my dvds again*

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