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On the last day in Versailles we got the rare opportunity to have a private tour of the Gypsoteque Musée (National repository for the preservation and restoration of classical and historical sculptures). It is housed in the magnificent former Royal Stables of the King (Petit Écuries du Roi) built from 1679 -1682 by Jules Hardouin-Mansart. The Gypsoteque is filled with originals & reproductions of classical sculptures used to inspire and teach students of the French Academies of Art. Stored indoors are also some of the most prominent sculptures from the Palace & Gardens of Versailles for their protection and restoration. I was blessed to have 3 hrs to enjoy hundreds of master works in this amazing setting led by the director himself who took the time to show me hidden treasures as well as share their provenance. Notice a friend standing in a few of the photos to illustrate the scale of some of these massive sculptures and architectural elements under the nearly 100 foot high dome and galleries.
Vive-la-France!! 🇫🇷

“To All The Glories of France” 🇫🇷


Providence : Stables & Blacksmith’s Forge

Stables & Blacksmith’s Forge stand on the opposite side of the military camp, behind the walls of Providence.

Minis are mainly from Mirliton and Reaper. Blacksmith is from Otherworld Miniatures.

Stay connected. More stuff will come soon ! ;-)

Wound up listening to this during the end;


This was pretty fun to do tbh. Edited Panda to look like the real life one. SO for that reason I would really really prefer people not repost, thanks. Panda was my heart horse.

Anyway, kinda bummed out lately, and I always come back to my home stable before logging off, so after the thought occurred to me I thought I’d make an edit about it. Usually when I log off I feel kinda.. hollow? Lonely? Isolated. Something idk. So I wanted to try and capture that? With the added feeling of how home is also safe. Calm. So yeah pft something along those lines.

Valedale is usually pretty empty at this time. Maybe a few people lingering. People are still chatting in global, mostly being stupid or looking for help, roles, or someone to hang out with. Maybe one or two people on my friends list are online. I’m lonely and want to hang out with people but I’m too anxious to reach out. I close the chat and turn off the interface because I hate seeing it since I know I’m not going to use it and no one is going to message me. I don’t feel like going out, doing chores, racing. I enter my stable. Interface turns itself off, chat is flashing. I mentally sigh and open it to shut it off. It’s global. I silence it and feel better knowing neither say nor global is going to bother me as long as I’m in here. I put away tack and clothes I’m not using, try to make my cluttered inventory as neat and organized a possible, while trying to get rid of as much as I can. I spend the last few minutes with whichever horse I have out at the time. A bittersweet feeling? I tend to use this time to think and reflect. In the end this will always be here for me. My home. My favorite horses, neatly tucked into their stalls, the chat completely silent. My horse resting by my side. Everything quiet. I’ll always have this.

I am really, really in love with how Jade Dream looks so much like Panda. It’s really eerie to me how much he looks exactly like him after adding the marking that in game Panda lacks. It makes me really.. really happy to look at. I miss him so much