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Olyan haszontalan vagyok. Nem vagyok jó egy sportban se, nem vagyok fit, nem vagyok a legokosabb, szép se vagyok, nem játszok egy hangszeren se, nem rajzolok szépen, nem tudok énekelni, nem vagyok kreatív, nem tudok színészkedni, nem tudok táncolni, tehetségtelen vagyok mindenhez. Semmiben se vagyok jó.

elég elbaszott vagyok


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Lapland – the Untouched takes you to some of the remotest places in the Finnish wilderness. These uninhabited and roadless areas have remained in their near-natural state hidden away from most of mankind – unspoilt, as they should be.

In the northernmost Lapland summer is over before it even begins. During the snow-free time the only way to reach the locations shown in the film is by foot. Lapland the Untouched covers 600km of hiking in 6 wilderness areas and in the Urho Kekkonen National Park and the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve.

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Lee says: 

I’m in Target still, so here’s an example of the type of compression sports bra you want if you’re using it to bind! Most people wear sports bras for gym class, which is a good excuse to buy some if your parents ask why you want them.

You should only get the sports bras that lay flat, if they have padding in them it’ll likely make your chest look larger which we’ve had a few asks about. More info on binding is on this page!

Gymnastics in crisis as Max Whitlock and others refuse to sign contracts
Max Whitlock and other big names gave rebelled over the World Class Performance Programme while British Gymnastics has been accused of creating a culture of fear
By Martha Kelner

“In August the athletes were warned they had three days to put pen to paper or would risk having their UK Sport funding withdrawn. But scores of parents and athlete agents wrote to British Gymnastics to voice concern about the content of the Individual Athlete Plan part of the contract, which they claim would have left the gymnasts open to exploitation. They were then told that the contract would be revisited after the world championships which took place in Montreal last month.

One insider described the situation as “complete chaos, evidence of weak leadership and British Gymnastics’ need for complete control over the athletes. They are the most important people in the sport but once again they feel they’re being exploited. To be a world-class gymnast all you need is the athlete, coach and the gym and they want to know where all the money is going.” It is understood there will be showdown talks between British Gymnastics and the athletes on Tuesday as the governing body tries to find a resolution to the problem.”

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