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Sophie: Ok, Violet, we kinda need to talk, I think your obsession with getting Faith back is kind of getting to the weirder side of things. Violet: *Wearing a shirt with "Faith is my BEST FRIEND, not yours Baldy McFartnut"* Your point? Sophie: I'm just thinking we should focus more on stuffing Mike in a suit. Violet: Yeah, but that's not helping me get Faith back any quicker, in fact we should skip the suit stuffing and just focus on getting Faith back. Sophie: I wish I was old enough to drink.

Technicaly, Sophie IS old enough to drink; she’s just a ghost and can’t drink. :3 LMAO


i slept through all of yesterday so i didn’t get to post day 8′s drawing :((
anyway here’s sophie, a character i really need to draw more of

i don’t think i’ve ever described her here before
she’s a succubus, but she’s also incredibly lazy, very aloof, and almost entirely socially inept
she likes burlesque theatre and modern history
and hot dogs
she likes hot dogs very much


it’s been a while, but he’s back

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