edit: sooyoung


snsd’s accomplishments: since their tenth anniversary is less than a month away i made this post to remind myself and others of snsd’s accomplishments throughout these past 10 years. words can’t describe how proud i am of all 9 girls and how far they’ve grown since first debuting on sbs inkigayo.


                                             “하루 한 달 일 년 그쯤이면
                                             웃으며 추억할 거라 했지만”

                             “After a day, a month, and a year, by then
                                I thought I could recall it with a smile”


Happy 10 years Girls’ Generation!! #GIRLS6ENERAT10N

We’ve spent the same time together
We’re still walking toward palpating hearts
We’re not growing far, our hearts have grown
That’s what the heart is. – Into You 💝


Q: What does Girls’ Generation mean to you?

“A precious relationship, something precious which I spent my youth together with? We went through everything together, including difficult and good moments and more. I think it was a really beautiful period for me that I cannot erase.” - Jessica Jung (2017)