edit: sdr2

what he says: i’m fine

what he means: tbh i think it’s a shame that Saionji’s character wasnt given justice in SDR2. like tbh, the original plan of the creators was to make her a survivor but due to a sudden change of plans, they killed her mid-way before we even got to see her character evolve and develop.. thats why her death felt so abrupt. true, she was annoying af and insufferable in the beginning and bullied Mikan alot. but i really think that Saionji deserved a better exit in the game if she wasnt gonna be a survivor.. like the rest of the highschoolers, we really got to see most of them develop somehow before getting killed off but for Saionji, it was really cut short. like she definitely was considering to change her ways after she saw her bestfriend Koizumi get killed and wanted to do something nice for a change but we really never got to see that.. unless you talked to her during Free Time but not everyone would consider doing that since she hasnt made a good first impression on many.. but i feel like if we got to see her change before getting killed off, Saionji wont end up being one of the most hated — or actually — wont end up being THE MOST HATED character of SDR2. but then i also think that Kuzuryuu being a survivor is perfect and it’s good Peko’s death wasnt in vain. i just wish Saionji got a better exit