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@dsteinyrunner its wonderful and I love it.
Guys. If y'all want a great hat (or mittens, a scarf, or blanket) and you want to support a great cause I seriously suggest you message @dsteinyrunner. All the money (after shipping) goes to the Syrian American Medical Society to provide medical support for Syria and neighboring countries.

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Dude, I'm on Monday Pt. 2 of Saving All My Summers and I'm freaking bawling my eyes out. That fic is emotionally draining. If it wasn't so freaking incredible, it would be hard to finish. I can't even tell you how much I love your work. This is my 4th fic of yours in 3 days. You have an incredible writing style. Each fic is a freaking roller coaster of emotions. ThankyouThankyouThankyou!

Thank you so much <3 I intend on updating that fic soon I’m just behind on writing projects currently. This ask means a lot to me though thank you so much <3

Just a wee update about my state of affairs.

Reading about global satellite observations for Chlorophyll a pigment (primary producers, such as phytoplankton which photosynthesise like plants on land contain this pigment) currently. A lot is going over my head. I’m keeping on it but the feeling of time slipping through my hands is real. I’m not getting through as much as I want too. Trying to keep on top of my notes is proving difficult too.

I’m pretty sociable as a person, for a long time I’ve lived with the delusion that I’m more introverted but it’s dawning on my I’m fairly extroverted.

I’ve been trying to cut back on my social activities as I do get drained by them but the balance and line between too much and too little is really thin.

One thing I have been on top of is planning out my timetable and weeks in regards to notes and essay work. It just requires so much self discipline to work well, something I’ve always lacked. Education as certainly helped me develop this technique but I’m still not great at sitting myself down to work.

I find myself having to remind myself of the fact that I find this supremely interesting. I get the opportunity to study such wicked subjects. For instance I get to take an in depth look at the Fukushima incident with a focus on my thought on what happened and it’s marine impact. Or my actual self topic assigned Literature Review on Primary productivity and interactions with large marine megafauna (e.g. whales and sharks).

It’s just hella daunting and the pressure to well this year is high.

Just gotta keep my head up and get on with it. Nobody is going to make me do it, I have to do it myself.

If ya out there drowning a little bit too, take my doubts as a word of confidence, everyone feels like this (hopefully).

We got this 💪🏼

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OMG! I just found you're Saving All My Summers For You fanfic and I'm obsessed!!!! This is the sweetest most pure fic. I can't even! I just wanted to stop by and tell you how great I think you are and how lovely that fic is. I can't wait to see what happens next! <3 <3

Thank you so much! I do have plans to try and update it soon but I can’t promise a specific time-frame! I appreciate this message and your support. <3

It’s a shame that English-speaking kids will never have the chance to read the books of the Sams by Paul Maar because central parts of the story are regarded as being untranslatable to English due to the many German wordplays.

The Sams is a cheeky humanoid creature with a pig-like nose and blue spots in its face. It is able to grant wishes, but for each wish, a blue spot disappears. It stays for a week from saturday to saturday with somebody who has experienced a certain sequence of events on each day of a week, which are related to the German names of the weekdays. In the first book, it stays with shy and unconfident Mr. Taschenbier, and the adventuresome following week turns his life upside-down. His last wish, however, that the Sams may stay with him forever, cannot be granted because all blue points are used up.


Beneath the Bombing: When war broke out, health care was driven underground. 

“I performed surgeries in an underground hospital in Aleppo, operating on war wounds. I worked with a group of brave, resilient Syrians. This was their everyday life. What was two weeks for me was years for them. It was an honor to work with them.” - Orthopedic Surgeon Samer Attar