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Why are you groping the air??? Lucifer x Winchester!Reader

Request: How about a lucifer x Winchester! Reader where the brothers catch her grooming lucis wings. Like lucifer is groaning and it looks like their sister is groping the air because they can’t see them. Deans just like “ what the fuck is going on here?”

Warnings: None

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Fandom: Supernatural

Lucifer let out a sigh of content, rolling back his shoulders to get more comfortable. You smiled at that and continued softly stroking his delicate white wings, soothingly rubbing your fingers downwards.

Little did the both of you know, Sam and Dean were standing outside your door with ears pressed to the wood. “What the hell are they doing?” Dean asked in a harsh whisper. Sam just shrugged and furrowed his brows, trying to hear better.

“That feel good?” You asked in a satin-like voice and all Lucifer could do was grunt out a reply as you worked your fingers through the soft, delicate feathers.

Dean had enough of this, he kicked your door down. Sam flinched in surprise, looking at Dean with wide eyes. Dean knew you and Lucifer were a thing, but he didn’t want to admit it… Hearing you two talk dirty to each other, probably having sex, that was enough for him. He was going to put an end to this relationship.

You gasped and Lucifer tucked in his wings, they were invisible to Sam and Dean anyways but it was a reflex. “What the hell?” You gasped, your hand on your heart.

“Why were you groping the air?” Dean asked with a horrified look on his face. Sam sighed and rubbed his face, walking out of the room.

“I was pruning him, Dean, can you knock next time?” You stood up and brushed some dawn off you, looking at your broken door laying on the floor. “And fix my door?” Lucifer stayed quiet, staring at Dean through narrowed eyes. He was upset, you had just started getting to the good part where you finished.

Dean blushed in embarrassment, backing up. He looked at the door on the floor and he sighed, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah… I’ll fix that… later…” He muttered and walked out, cursing himself.

You turned to Lucifer and tried to smile, but his glare caused it to slip off your face. “Sorry… about him. I should have listened to you and done it outside.”

Lucifer just gave you an ‘Oh, really?’ look and rolled his eyes, snapping the two of you out of there.


Imagine Sam being scared that you’ll get hurt because of him

“I can’t do this anymore.” Sam’s stern tone kept up his pretence but it was his eyes that let him down as he handed you a bag of your things. “You have to leave.”

“I’m not going anywhere!” You screeched, throwing your things to the floor. You weren’t the kind of person to just be told want to do.

“You being here puts you in danger.” You could see he was afraid, terrified even, maybe a little angry. He didn’t understand why you didn’t realise that you being without him was so much better for you. “I can’t let that happen because of me!”

“Listen to me!“ Not backing down you stood as tall as you could, hands gripping his face so he no choice but to look at you. “I know what I was getting myself into with you Sam Winchester.”

“Y/N-” He tried to pull away but his effort wasn’t strong enough to break your hold and soon he was leaning in to your touch. Seconds later his body was crashing into yours, long arms wrapping around your waist as he seeked comfort from a hug.

“You can say anything you like but it’s too late to get rid of me now.”

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I See God’s Face Everywhere

When I am troubled and alone I like to walk and look at the faces of people. I see God’s face everywhere I look. Not in a symbolic sense. I see recognition in their eyes. God has looked at me through the eyes of an infant and a homeless man. Through the eyes of a young lover and a harried busy mom in a minivan. I have seen Gods face in the eyes of a businessman talking on his phone and a child playing on a swingset. 

The look is always the same. It says:”I see you and you are not alone”.

Can’t Help Falling in Love (Part 15)

Summary: The reader has tried continuously to fall out of love with Sam, however just when she thinks that she’s got it under her belt Sam comes waltzing right back into her life again undoing all of the hard work that you’ve worked toward.

A/N: Sorry guys, the updates are gonna be a little spaced out because of my exams but I already know how this gonna end and where I’m taking it so it will be finished, just at a slow pace, anyway, hope you enjoy, more plotty plot, here, Dean goes into your mind.

Warnings: Language, Mildly graphic descriptions of torture, Angst

Word count: 3880

Sam x Reader

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Ever since Dean announced his idea that was it, they all hit the books and were researching from dusk till dawn, night and day constantly trying to find something. It had been two days since Lilith had taken over your body and the boys hadn’t heard anything since, Cas and Meg had left to try and find anything from their outside sources but they also weren’t having much luck.

“Dean, you found anything?” Dean looks up from the book he’s currently scanning through, there are several scattered around him, Sam is sat opposite with a book of his own, he looks up at Dean with a hopeless look in his eye.

Dean sighs and closes his book “nope, nothing, honestly I’m starting to wonder if this is just a waste of time.”

Sam shakes his head “it’s not Dean, it can’t be, we just have to keep trying.”

Dean admires Sam’s resilience but is starting to worry that they might be wasting time “I think we should tell dad.”

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yo can i get some cute headcanons about a male farmer who's dating sam and is significantly shorter than him?


  • Sam thinks the hair counts, the Farmer doesn’t.
  • Sam can pick up the Farmer.
  • Spooning is fantastic, though.
  • Sam uses the Farmer as an armrest.
  • The Farmer wears Sam’s hoodies because they are huge on him but so warm.
  • Sam comforts the Farmer when he’s insecure about his height.
“It’s in God’s Hands”

by Samsaran

A statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee came down in New Orleans last week. Lee who was a slave owner who had inherited his slaves from his wife freed them. Lee did not support seccession but he remained loyal to his native state of Virginia when they left the Union.

However, it is not his politics I am concerned with here. As the General in charge of the main force of the Confederacy, he was always outnumbered and outgunned. He was under tremendous stress nearly every moment of every day. He loved the young men he led and it tore him up to send them to their deaths. The way he dealt with it was to make his best plan and then once set in motion he would say “it’s in God’s hands”.

A religious man this was his way of accepting the outcome and minimizing his anxiety over the way events played out. In this way, he is a lesson to each of us. we may not believe in a God that interferes with the lives of men and women but we can learn to turn it over and accept.

We make our best plans and do everything we can do in our power to fix things the way we want them and then we disregard the things which are out of our control. Change what we can and accept what we cannot.