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Son Goku from Saiyuki is autistic!

  • “Mentally collapses when overstimulated or put in horribly stressful situations, as seen MANY times throughout the series.
  • Romance is a vague, confusing, and “off” concept to him, he cannot seem to fully express his feelings to a lot of people, despite how much he cares for them; he also has problems developing more than temporary bonds with new people.
  • He is extremely emotional and easily excited, angered, or overwhelmed.
  • Has a difficult time understanding new concepts and processing information, very black/white thought process.
  • Horribly disturbed by sudden change; Change in routines and pattern are greatly upsetting to him (one example of this is in episode 22 of Saiyuki Reload, failing to accept they’d lost)
  • Verbal stims! Often caught humming, “groaning”, other noises with his mouth.”

- anon

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“TVアニメ『最遊記RELOAD BLAST』OP主題歌「move on! イバラミチ」Music Clip ショートバージョン、ジャケ写公開! #GRANRODEO #最遊記RB #真壁刀義 https://t.co/87EKcR7LMN”

Hey you punks! You want to hear some of that new Saiyuki Reload Blast opening by GRANRODEO? Then you better click that link!

Please note, S-T was channeling her inner Kanzeon because she got really pumped after hearing the song. Get excited, July 5th is almost here!!


Saiyuki Reload Blast PV2

So I already had a fan AU for Saiyuki in the Pokemon world, now I want to come with one with the characters in a My Hero Academia type world with super heroes.

So of course I’m thinking about quirks.

Goku, I imagine, would be like Deku in terms of having to be careful when using his quirk. He’s fairly strong on his own, but increasing his strength and speed ten fold means increasing his blood lust.

Also after increasing his speed/strength he gets very hungry afterwards.

I like to let others come up with theories so… I’ll leave other characters to anyone who wants to come up with quirks!

Now I want to do an AU Saiyuki/Hero Academia type RP…