edit: saint seiya

Those of you who read my fic and are also into Saint Seiya

(I think there might be, like, two of you)

Would you read my epic supernatural creatures/supernatural hunters epic?


The Lost Canvas saints as super old vampires/were-beasts

Saori and Sasha as twin seers

Shion the 2000-year-old vampire who drinks his blood bags with pink bendy straws

“Sustainably sourced” vampirism

The original series Saints as a combination of were-beasts, vampires, regular humans, and hunters, with the conflict that comes with this!

Seiya as an adorable werecat who breaks into human!Jab’s apartment for snuggles and cuddles and occasionally leaves him money in weird places because he’s an emancipated teenager living by himself

Magic swords!!


Not the end of the world, but possibly the enslavement of the entire human race, which our motley crew of mixed species would prevent!

And general shenanigans

anonymous asked:

Saint Seiya for fandom meme?

Let’s go! >:D

  • the character i least understand
    Saori, but also her grandfather, who is quite responsible of she being what she is.
  • interactions i enjoyed the most
  • the character who scares me the most
    Kido Mitsumasa… because, well, we all know what he did in the manga. 
  • the character who is mostly like me
    AIORIA BECAUSE LEO Actually I don’t know ahaha.
  • one thing i dislike about my fave character
    Camus dear, that was the only way you could think of…?!!
  • one thing i like about my hated character
    Well… Seiya isn’t a bad persona.
  • a quote or scene that haunts me
    Goldies dying… every time… ;-;
  • a death that left me indifferent
    Every time Saori “died”. I was actually YES but oh no she is surely coming back.
  • a character i wish died but didn’t
    Seiya and Saori.
  • my ship that never sailed
    I always got a soft spot for Milo and Shaina, but the chances of that happening were always non-existent ahaha.