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I find it funny how people are saying Punk is a liar and full of shit about what he said about Ryback and his injuries/staph infection now that he has signed with UFC. You do realise that he has been resting and having no strain on his body from wrestling for over 10 months right? It’s very different thing from wrestling 300 plus days a year, travelling constantly with injuries that have no time to heal or in some cases having a doctor not even being bothered to correctly diagnose you to having a fight a few times a year! The minute his fight is over, win, lose or draw he can go home nurse his injuries and get fully fit again! And not be pressured into being rushed back onto the road for the next houseshow or TV taping. It’s a big difference! I don’t know if it’s people who have no knowledge on UFC or whether people are really that dumb!

As for Punk lying about Ryback being careless and injuring him I do not understand how anyone can say that Punk is lying! It’s on fucking camera! And what does he get out of it? Nothing! You can see Punk hits the concrete hard because Ryback doesn’t even guide him to bump through the table! Ryback is a rubbish wrestler, you can tell he’s reckless if you know a damn thing about wrestling. Thankfully at least he’s improved somewhat in the last 12 months. But lets not forget the obvious and irrefutable table incident with Punk, giving Dolph a concussion with something as simple as a clothesline and when he carelessly dropped Daniel Bryan with a powerbomb on the floor right onto his shoulder LIVE on Raw! According to the dirtsheets(which is not a reputable source I know), he got chewed out by Punk, Cena and even HHH for his recklessness in the Bryan incident! You really think for a minute Punk who is a well known brutally honest and outspoken man wouldn’t get in Ryback’s face? He had no worry of being demoted down the card like midcarders do the minute they say something the higher ups don’t like like Dolph and currently Cesaro have done. Come on! He has been brutally honest about WWE when still under contract, he told his story and Ryback/Vince/WWE as a whole are in damage control. If there were no truth to Punk’s story why would he have got a settlement in the first place? Why would Vince have apologised to Punk? And the coincidence of his termination papers arriving on his wedding day is BS, THEY WERE FED EXED OVER NIGHT!

Normally I try and let things like this go, but I’ve seen so much of it over the last week or so and I cannot bite my tongue any longer. I get people don’t like Punk, which is fair enough everyone has rights to their opinions. Everyone can give their opinion on Punk’s chances at UFC, time will tell if he can win and be successful or not, but don’t you dare try and make out he’s a liar when there are facts in abundance that prove you wrong!

Oh and to the morons, saying Punk’s signed with UFC for the money, the man is sitting on millions. He isn’t materialistic, he is a frugal motherfucker, that money can last him for the rest of his life. He’s doing it because he wants to not have any regrets. Or have any what ifs. He wants to live his dream. Coming from where he has, I for one think that’s a brave thing to do. He’s going to have so many eyes on him, so much pressure, but he’s doing for himself and that’s something to be proud of him for.

So I guess the bottom line to this is if you don’t like Punk fair enough you’re entitled to that. But making up bullshit to justify your blatant hate is pathetic and by consequence makes you look a fool. Seriously do everyone a favour, and yourself a favour by using all your brain cells at once, instead of lining them up in single file and spouting absolute nonsensical garbage!