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Headcanon story board- ((Eugene and Nathan))

Nathan is somewhat a bully in his early years.

So I see After school, at the bridge, Nathan abruptly shoves Eugene down on the ground like a kid and grabs the necklace while its still on Eugene’s neck and demands Eugene to take off the necklace- For Nathan, He absolutely hates the Cross of the Lord- for obvious reasons-

Yu is a super easy going and kind person, but this would be one of the few times he’d glare up at Nathan and just be like “No.” Nathan being pissed off at Eugene’s disobedience he yanks that necklace off Yu and throws it in the water and leaves-

Cj would be standing next to Nathan, but unfortunately doesn’t do anything- He’s kind of scared of Nathan when he’s like this- Nathan would most likely hurt anyone who stands in his way- even Cj-

Ryan is hiding under the bridge hearing the conversation. Its usually his quiet spot to calm down and breathe-

after Cj and Nathan leaves Eugene goes down to the bottom of the bridge and looks for his necklace- 

…Ryan would show up and silently help him-

((the importance of this necklace is that Eugene’s parents are away from home a lot so Eugene is given things by his parents for him to hold dear- His father gave him the necklace and his mother gave him her hat-))

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~The glass tells a story of a time long past, where kings ruled the world under a golden tower, protectors and great leaders of the realm; they shaped the world as they saw fit and from them all things came to be as they are now.~

Super stoked to show you guys my piece for @officialah and the @ahfanbook zine! This was such a neat project and I loved being able to do something AH related again! :D It was super fun taking something like the bouncy castle and making something fantasy-related about it :P