edit: rule 63

RULE 63 PREQUEL AU (1/?) → Annika Skywalker has been having terrible nightmares.

By the time a slave girl on Tatooine is old enough to sneak along the midwife’s route, she knows that her own motherhood might last for only a few brief moments until her infant is taken away by her master, never to be seen again. “That must have been so traumatic to witness, Ani,” her husband Padme soothes on nights when Coruscant feels its coldest. “It makes sense to dream about that happening to you… especially now. Everything will be fine. I promise.”

The Jedi aren’t as naive to the ways of the galaxy as outsiders think. There are measures in place for Padawans and Masters who come home pregnant. If they choose not to terminate their pregnancy, they are allowed to remain in the Order under the stipulation that the child must be raised in the Creche without any knowledge of his or her parentage.

The announcement of the Hero With No Fear’s pregnancy and subsequent declaration that she has no intention of giving the Jedi Order custody of her baby is the worst public relations disaster the Council has dealt with in years. Multiple hearings are called with testimonies from Obi-Wan Kenobi, Annika, and Annika’s very good “friend,” Senator Padme Amidala. Negotiations grow bleak and Annika begins to realize that she will have to choose between raising her child and following the Force’s call. To make matters worse, her nightmares about a postpartum abduction (always by a faceless figure) are only becoming more vivid. One evening, Annika seeks solace from Chancellor Palpatine. The old woman has always been a grandmother figure to her and is one of the few non-judgmental faces in her life. “Your Jedi education is sorely lacking,” the Chancellor sighs. “I’ve always told you that, haven’t I? But there was once an Order,” she continues, voice quieting, “a very ancient Order of the Force’s most dedicated servants. They were allowed to take spouses and bear children without any consequences.” Annika’s eyes light up. And as anyone who knows her can tell you: once Annika becomes interested in something, it’s impossible to pull her away.