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You’ve left Game of Thrones. How did it feel to say goodbye to your character Ygritte ? “It was hard, but I knew from day one that she was going to die because I’d read the books. HBO scheduled that scene so it was my final one to film, which played on my romantic side. It was a very emotional day. But Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington) has to carry on and be commander of The Night’s Watch, and he can’t do that with a girl at his side, so in that sense, it felt right.” - Rose Leslie for InStyle Uk/November 2014 {x}


I always wanted to be heard, because I was being slightly overshadowed by the older brother and the older sister and so I think from a young age I decided that you have to make myself louder than everyone else so that mum would hear. I think that a certain performance came from that and I decided to follow that route. — Rose Leslie


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Karen Gillan as Lily Evans, Aaron Johnson as James Potter, Andrew Garfield as Remus Lupin, Ben Barnes as Sirius Black, Natalie Dormer as Narcissa Black, Carey Mulligan as Alice Longbottom, Rose Leslie as Molly Weasley.
(Molly is 11 years older than everyone above. They’re all 21 except Molly, who is 32.)

I believe that we’re not alone. How can we be alone in an infinite universe? I’m using the word ‘alien’ with a little trepidation because I know that sparks so many different versions of that word, and there are so many different images that come into one person’s head when someone says it.’