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I am a huge fan of BTS and I consider myself an ARMY because I love BTS so much. But there are some people who want to ruin it for everyone else. NOTICE I AM SAYING SOME. Not every ARMY is like this. But let me just say that I’ve gathered a lot of reciepts.

One, let’s start with that dummy who tweeted Wale and told them to back off Namjoon bc Namjoon doesn’t need anyone leeching off of his fame. This person got noticed by Wale and Wale responded by saying okay, I won’t work with him. FIRST OF ALL HOW FREAKING DARE YOU BLOCK NAMJOON FROM CREATING BEAUTIFUL WORK WITH OTHER ARTISTS. YOU DON’T OWN HIM AND YOU SHOULDN’T BE RUDE TO OTHER ARTISTS THAT THEY WORK WITH. Wale made a name for himself way before he collaborated with Namjoon and he honestly didn’t need to work with Namjoon in order to get bigger.

Two, some fans are going and rating other artists songs down because they don’t want anyone to catch up to BTSs fame. I saw this particularly with Monsta X after they dropped SHINE FOREVER. Some ARMYs were out there rating Monsta X music at .5 stars which will hurt their ratings. BTS doesn’t even have a current comeback and they aren’t competing on stage with Monsta X. There is literally no reason to do this other than BEING A FREAKING ASS HOLE. MONSTA X WORKS REALLY HARD AND SOME PEOPLE CHOOSE TO TARNISH THE RATINGS THAT THEY WORKED SO HARD FOR OVER SOME PETTY ASS COMPETITION SHIT.

Lastly, all of this fighting between fandoms over which artist is better and shit needs to chill. Like, I get that everyone has a favorite band and everyone has their own opinions but that doesn’t have to be shown through constant fan wars and arguments. Especially when the groups actually get along with each other.



❝ With the death of my mother, we were my father, my brother, and me.  We were a very close family.  That united us a lot more, we helped each other move forward because my mother was the one who dealt with everything.  We three supported each other.  It was a very strong blow, but we tried to move on and we keep very close to each other. ❞

BTS reaction to you being sunshine all day but also being broken inside

Request: BTS, Exo, GOT7 reaction to you being literal sunshine all the time, even if they know/can see you’re going through a really hard time and they tell you to cry  because it would be better than holding it in


Jin would keep an eye on you all the time to make sure you are okay and nobody tells you mean things. He’d support you and be your power. He knows the true side of you and he is glad you don’t have secrets when you are with him. He would clearly see the huge black, rotting hole in your heart that you tried to paint over with kindness and love. After a hard day you find peace in his arms.

“Thanks for making me feel whole, even if you can’t make yourself feel whole.”

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He’d be the only one who is able to calm you down. In his eyes you shine because he admires your mental strength. He sees you smiling but at the end of the day, always, he’d just cuddle with you and remind you that it’s time to cry it all out.

”I’m here. I don’t care if you need to stay up all night long. I will stay with you.”

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He’d want you to find something that would cheer you up and in your sad days he’d be always with you and fight with your demons. On your worst days, he’d hold you. Namjoon would know his love won’t cure your sadness but he wants you to know you will never fight alone.

“I will be your strength!”

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Whenever he’d see you are close to crying Jungkook would grab your hand and hide with you in some empty place. He’d hug you and it is enough for you. He wants you to know that he is the person you can rely on in your hardships.

“I know your sadness becomes deep and frightening but my love in those intense moments is indescribable. Let’s fight it together.”


He is the only one who can find your hiding place and also the one who always reaches out his hand to help you. His arms are a home to you and he builds you up.

“You know, your existence in my life is a gift you gave me.“

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Suga would exactly know how hard it is to wear a happy mask on your sad face. The cheerier you are, the less people will suspect, but you can’t hide it forever. Everybody reaches a breaking point and so do you. Suga would show you that there is love and support all around you.

“I hope that life treats you well, and when it doesn’t, I hope that you treat yourself well.


He is your ray of sunshine on a rainy day. His voice can bring the sun down to its knees and his laugh would fill you with warm and sunlight. He’d be always near you and look after you. He’d repeat all over again

“You are loved. You are precious. You are not alone.”

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