edit: random

I would love
to hold your hand
even on a cold night
and wrap my arms
around you

I want to fall asleep
to the sound
of your voice as
you whisper the words
‘I love you’

I want to bury myself
deep in your chest
and feel your heartbeat
as I trace my fingers
to your lips

I wanna kiss you
from head to toe
and let you know
there’s nothing I want
in this world more than you

Do you ever see someone walking with their earphones on and just wonder what are they listening to?…

I’m currently walking home while having all Anti appearances playing in my earphones one after another… XD

When you gotta theoritize but real life can’t wait either, lol

  • On a different note… Apparently there’s no electricity at home so no computer for me, and my phone is also going to die soon…

Hawakan mo ang kamay ko.

Muli natin limutin ang lahat.

Sabayan mo ako sa paglalakbay sa isang biyahe.

Biyaheng hindi alam ang patutunguhan.

Wala akong pake kung saan tayo mapunta.

Basta tayong dalawa ay magkasama.

Samahan mo ako dahil ayokong magisa.

Lakbayin natin ang iba’t ibang mundo.

Huwag kang matakot dahil nandito ako.

Nandito sa tabi mo at hindi maglalaho.