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- Jardin Casque d'Or. Casque d'Or (Amélie Élie) était une prostitué bien connue pour avoir été l'objet de dispute entre deux proxénètes à la Belle Époque. Les rixes entre les deux gangs étaient racontées dans les journaux, les procès étaient bondés, des chansons furent écrites à son honneur, elle fut engagé par des théâtres pour jouer son propre rôle, Toulouse-Lautrec l'a peinte (?). En 1952 le film avec Signoret et Reggiani, librement basé sur son histoire, fut filmé dans le Jardin Casque d'Or actuel.

- Jardin Casque d'Or. Casque d'Or (Amélie Élie) was a well-known prostitute for being the object of dispute between two procurers during the Belle Époque era. The fights between the two gangs was related in the tabloids, the trials were crowed out, songs were written in her honour, she was hired by theatres to play herself, Toulouse-Lautrec painted her (?). A 1952 French movie lossely based on her life was filmed in today’s Jardin Casque d'Or .

So yes, Paris has given a prostitute’s name to one of its parks ^^


I was at the Lake Erie Metropark, flying my plane as I have several times a week for the last few years. A young man, who I’m sure thinks he is doing his job, rode up to me on his moped and told me it was against the park rules to fly my plane at the park. I’m also not allowed to drive an RC car or boat at the park. I asked him to show it to me in writing, but the pamphlet he produced did not have such a rule in writing. I told him I’ve been flying there for years, have seen many park officials, all of whom simply wave at me, and allow me to continue on my business. I landed anyhow, because I’m not a dick. 

I got home and looked up the park rules and regulations and it’s nowhere to be found. However, I did see a regulation forbidding the operation of motor vehicles off of roads, which the twerp who told me I can’t fly there did. Broke a park rule to tell me I’m braking a park rule, which is not a park rule. I’ll be back in the morning to fly again. 

Looking at the schedule of events on the park website, there was a radio control car event on last years schedule.