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Morning Glow by David Adamson
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This morning’s sunrise over the lake.

Zoe & Randy ~ Closed

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Zoe called some doctors as she grounted * Yea, fine… ok, but please hurry up! * she talked at the phone, then after ending the conversation she looked at Randy with a soft smile * “ They are arriving, they are helping Ziggler outside, today is the day of injuries tho… ” * she sighed softly * “ Mhh, you need to have some ice here, this lockeroom is too big, you have to have some, right? I am gonna take care of you in the meantime…” * she asked as she waited for his answer *

Does anyone else feel like Randy Orton doesn’t get the credit he deserves? I see him get full out bashed so much more often than I see him get even a tiny bit of praise, and I don’t understand it. It’s one thing to say that you’re not a fan of his in-ring style, but to say that he’s not good at what he does is a far cry from the truth, if you ask me. What’s that other thing everybody seems to find so funny? Oh, right; that he always forgets his lines. I will say this about you relentless bashers; you’re thorough in your research. I have a few too many things going on in my life to keep track of every time someone fumbles their words a tiny bit. Does Orton really forget his lines enough to warrant meme about it? Rhetorical question. I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, Randy Orton is a headline-worthy talent, and one of the best of our generation. - Chris