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“I get to meet a lot of sick kids and I’ve left some of the Make-A-Wish meetings that we do with tears in my eyes. You find yourself being upset for complaining about little things the night before and then realize these kids have so much on their plate. It’s gut-wrenching and makes you feel so selfish. All you want to do is put a smile on their face when you know they are in pain. You leave the room and know you got as much or more out of it than the kid did.”


Randy Ortons career Highlights:
2004 - Youngest World Heavyweight Champion ever
2005 - beating the Undertaker
2006 - beating Kurt Angle
2007 - WWE Champion
2008 - WWE Champion (beating John Cena and Triple H)
2009 - Royal Rumble winner
2010 - WWE Champion
2011 - World Heavyweight Champion
2012 - winning and losing matches
2013 - Money in the Bank winner
2013 - WWE Champion (cashing in the Money in the Bank contract / beating Daniel Bryan)
2013 - WWE World Heavyweight Champion