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Daily Bugle headline: Ant-astic Four? Replacements Shun Spotlight. Richards Family Missing in Time and Space.

Day two:

Onome: Mr. Lang? What is an “Ex-con?”
Scott: Ah–excuse me, Onome?
Onome: An “Ex-con”? It says here that you’re, quote–“an ex-con with delusions of super-heroic grandeur.”
Scott: It means, uh– look, kids, life is long and the road you– sometimes when a man– it means I don’t know what it means?
Alex Powers: It means he’s been convicted of a crime. And now he’s running both the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation.
Scott: It could mean that, yes.

– From FF v2 #2 by Matt Fraction, art by Michael Allred, color by Laura Allred