edit: one piece

“I want an anime/manga with over two-hundred varied characters.”

“I want an anime/manga with an asexual main character.”

“I want an anime/manga with a rich, well-developed world.”

“I want an anime/manga that teaches valuable life lessons.”

“I want an anime/manga with females who take no shit in it.”

“I want an anime/manga with a surprisingly complex plot.”

“I want an anime/manga–”


Day 6: Names

So this one is a bit simple. It’s them saying each other’s names. BUT reason being: I wanted to SAY something about how they refer to each other. 
Since joining the team Franky seemed to have given nicknames to all of the crew (Strawhat, Cook, Long-nose, Reindeer, Navigator, Swordsman, etc.) But he always called Robin by her name. 
I just think that was kinda adorable. He didn’t need a nickname for her. She was always just “Robin”.