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Happy Birthday, Philipp Lahm

Almas diferentes 
la clara tú, la oscura yo 
y al final, como el bien y el mal, 
somos almas gemelas

Everyone is playing with toddlers and I’ve just been kind of MIA since I’m working on Wednesday and Amelia’s new house in Windenburg. I think it’s going to come out nice, finger’s crossed. x)

Everyone’s toddlers look amazing BTW!


Soft – her skin was so soft; so fragile. He could scent the mortal blood rushing beneath. Cassian breathed in the smell of her into his lungs, stirring his cock as it latched onto some intrinsic part of him and sank its talons deep.

Nesta Nesta Nesta

This is the (fortunate? unfortunate?) result of a conversation about Hunk hypothetically taking over every Food Network show. Gordon Ramsay who? Alton Brown who? Hunk is the culinary master we need and deserve.

knockfivetimes  asked:

Hey, not sure if you already know/care but I thought I'd let you know someone screenshot'd/reposted one of your gifsets dylanobrienbaby(.)tumblr(.)com/post/157435782391

ugh god thank u so much for telling me i jus blocked them christ


Beneath the bravado:  Joe MacMillan’s moments of vulnerability. (Halt and Catch Fire rewatch 1x01)