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It was frustrating because all of the roles I went out for I never really felt like I was right for. Especially being Latina, people want to make use of that. So I would go out for shows like Blue Bloods and Shades of Blue, and all of these crime dramas where they are looking for these foster child Latinas, like ‘underprivileged and urban,’ as they would say. I never really fit that stereotype, and I didn’t want to play a stereotype. I kept getting the note that I’m not ‘urban enough.’ So it’s like, okay, I’m not urban enough and I’m not white enough, what am I? Why are there no roles out there that fit me!

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Okay, hear me out. Blackhat gets invited to "The parent circle day" after being in yoga so long. He's so confused by what id until he figures out, its just a qhole bunch of parents gossiping about random crap. He is so into it, because good he needs it. Not to mention nobody tries to hook up with him. "No,girls don't flirt with Estaban! Because i think he's like my aro/ace you'll just make him uncomfortable. " #yogaparentBlackHat

omg aro/ace Black Hat is something i never knew I needed in my life until now bless

  • BH gets a nice place to vent about all the terrible clients he’s had to deal with at work
  • “And he started complaining when I cut his supply when he’s the one that missed his down payment! So I had to cut his han– his supply. down. further.”
  • sometimes the moms start talking about their kids and he’ll subconsciously mention his employees as well without even realizing it like “oh yeah dementia got in a fight with that kid too. honestly if Ryan’s this much of a little shit someone should get that principal off his lazy ass and make him do something.”
  • alternatively: they all get together and bitch about Helen and the PTA
  • “If she refuses to sign up for a shift for the bake sale I swear to the nine layers of hell and back I WILL FUCKING MAKE HER.”
  • The yoga moms find it hilarious how mad he can get. BH never admits it but he kinda enjoys these sessions– FOR THE FREE FOOD OFC YEAH THAT’S IT
  • “Esteban, sweetie, do you want some more tea?” “Don’t be stupid! Of course I want more tea! And some more of those biscuits, too!”
  • okay but. Book club. With the yoga mom squad.
  • each member gets to pick a book for the month. BH reads “Girl on the Train” under his desk and yells at 5.0.5 when he finds it while cleaning.
  • “no of course this isn’t mine, why the fuck would I have– DON’T TAKE THE BOOK WITH YOU, MORON!!”
  • When it’s BH’s turn, he brings in a fucking necronomicon.
  • “Uh Esteban? What kind of novel is this?” “[horrified gasp] novEL? This is a collector’s edition grimoire. Look– mine’s even annotated!“
  • (For the record, BH’s annotations include pronunciation tips, various blood substitutes, and extremely vulgar, angry notes on what not to do to a summoning circle)
  • The yoga ladies think that Esteban just has a really niche interest in the occult and manage to talk him out of making a “nice, but plotless book” their book club choice. Unbeknownst to them, they’ve probably just saved the world

((sorry these are taking so long guys!! i’m answering these chronologically (with small exceptions) so if I haven’t answered yours yet, it doesn’t mean I haven’t seen it! Unless our friend tungle is being an ass but yeah lmao))

I’m gonna go ahead and recommend money-making apps, because I’ve tried a bunch of them and some are better than others. 

  • AppTrailers is the most impressive thus far, even though I’ve only been using it a short time. It has the lowest cash-out rate I’ve ever seen, so I’ve already been able to transfer money to my Paypal account. Twice. It was $.50 each time, but that’s still notable because most apps don’t let you cash out until you earn $10 or more, and that can take ages because most of those apps operate on a point system. You’re not earning money, you’re earning points you trade in for cash. Even though AppTrailers operates on this system, it’s pretty easy to earn–I like to just turn the sound off and watch the ads while I’m doing something else. Even the low earners give you 5 points per watch, which is a jump on the 1 point that seems to be customary. I’m used to not being able to earn a lot because I don’t have many people to refer, but this one works for me. You don’t have to earn big to cash out, and that means it’s becoming one of my go-tos. 
  • Google Opinion Rewards is honestly one of the best, and it doesn’t even give you ‘real’ cash. It gives you credit to buy things on GooglePlay, which is great for me because I sometimes like to buy stuff in the games I play. If you don’t have any reason to use GP, this app isn’t for you; I say it’s the best because I’m used to not getting very many survey opportunities and this app gives me a new survey pretty much every week–often more than once a week. I’ve been using it since November, and I’ve already earned $22–that’s kind of a lot for a money-making app. It may not put any cash in your pocket, but it’ll let you buy things without actually spending your hard-earned cash. *cough*attackonlight*cough*
  • Fronto is a… decent… app. I realize that’s not a glowing assessment, and that’s because I’m still assessing different lockscreen apps. It took me months to cash out with $10, but the fact that it pops up on your phone every time you unlock it makes you feel like you’re actually doing something semi-productive with your time, even if it’s not worth much. I got paid. Real money. And I didn’t even have to go out of my way to do it. 
  • OnGo surveys is alright. At first the amount of surveys was semi-comparable to Opinion Rewards, but these days I rarely receive any notifications at all. The cashout llevel is $10, and I’ve been stuck at $7 for a while, but I’d still recommend this app because the surveys and easy, quick, and give you several cents rather than several points. They just updated the app, so I may need to revamp my assessment in the future. 
  • Survey.com is similar to Ongo surveys, only slightly worse. Both are still sending me surveys, but it’s slow going. It has a minimum cashout level of $7.50, and I currently have $2.50. I’m only recommending it because it’s easy, it notifies you when a survey is available, it uses cash instead of points, and if you’re not lazy you can occasionaly get location-based surveys that offer more moolah. Neither this nor Ongo offer any survey rewards. 

I made this post because I’ve tried apps like Fronto and Cashpirate, but they don’t really work for me. I don’t think the points you earn are worth the amount of data you have to download–my wifi is spotty, so I end up going over my data plan before I even earn anything–and, because they rely so heavily on things like apps and references, I was never able to actually get paid. Most of the apps I’ve listed here will notify you about chances to earn more money, and I just find them easier to use. Referrals are still the best way to earn points, though, so if you use toreo2 for Fronto and AppTrailers it would really help me out. General tip for everyone, even if you’re not planning on doing this–if your friends are into survey apps, joining and using their code will help them earn money, even if you never use it afterwards. That’s why you may see some people asking over and over. 

Some people get paid to write articles like these. I need to figure out how to do that. 

edit: this post is mostly outdated.


“It was frustrating because all of the roles I went out for I never really felt like I was right for. Especially being Latina, people want to make use of that. So I would go out for shows like Blue Bloods and Shades of Blue, and all of these crime dramas where they are looking for these foster child Latinas, like ‘underprivileged and urban’ as they would say. I never really fit that stereotype, and I didn’t want to play a stereotype. I kept getting the note that I’m not ‘urban enough.’ So it’s like, okay I’m not urban enough and I’m not white enough, what am I? Why are there no roles out there that fit me!”

a few notes on why I dislike girljanitor/medievalpoc: Jewish edition

So I do have screencaps that I can add in case girljanitor/medievalpoc removes any of the existing links here.

Claims Jewishness is just religion; not Jewish, has done no research

Do I even need to say how messed up it is that GJ/Mpoc thinks it’s okay for them to make grossly oversimplified statements about complex Jewish identities (both historical and modern)? They are not Jewish, they do not deal with the complexities of Jewish identity or racialization or othering; they simply decided that they get to call Jews white.

Also, this quote:

Um, no. There are white Jewish people. and there are Jewish people of color. Race does not equal religion. People of color were not marginalized during the European Middle Ages, but Jewish people definitely were.

shows that GJ/Mpoc thinks that Jewishness=Judaism=religion.

This quote:

In contrast, people of color are marginalized in the realm of representation in Art History now, including depictions of Jewish people of color, where white Jewish people are not.

shows that GJ/Mpoc does not actually know that Jews’ supposed whiteness has pretty much no practical application in European art, because Jews are still not seen as white in Europe. This is a fact and you can hear it from many bloggers in Europe; they are simply not treated on strict lines of colorism (of course, in America while much of Jewish whiteness operates on lines of colorism, it also operates on lines of how willing Jews are to align themselves with white supremacy and other such complex things as that). Making this distinction is absolutely useless.

Read the rest of the post if you want. It’s all pretty superficial. 

White Jews

My Grandmother B. was a Holocaust survivor, and Polska Roma. She fled the war, coming to America concealed in a large suitcase carried by a white Jewish family. Today, our family still talks about the debt we owe that family, which perhaps cannot ever be repaid.

Let’s get this straight. GJ/Mpoc has set the stage here for us, so I’ll just sum it up:

  • Their grandmother is a “Holocaust survivor,” so we can assume that this happened during or after 1933 in Nazi Germany. (In another post they say “WW2,” which means that we are setting it at 1939 in Nazi Germany.)
  • Grandmother B is Rroma and not white-passing in Nazi Germany. Believable.
  • The family that carries Grandmother B is Jewish and not just white-passing, but actually white, in Nazi Germany. Bullshit.

Continue on down for a rather short explanation of why this is bullshit.

Rroma don’t pass for white in Nazi Germany, Jews do!

Say whatever you want, but you don’t flee WW2 Germany hidden in a fucking suitcase carried by a Jewish family because you had a little ideological spat with Hitler. You come to this country hidden in a fucking suitcase because you don’t pass for white. And maybe you son does sometimes, and your grandsons tell people they’re “Sicilian” but that doesn’t erase you, Gramma Blake.

Okay, so another quick summary.

  • GJ/Mpoc’s Rroma grandmother (or great-grandmother, they cannot seem to decide) did not pass for white; because she did not pass as white, she was hidden in a suitcase, carried out of Nazi Germany, and brought to the United States.
  • A Jewish family apparently did pass for white; because this Jewish family in Nazi Germany somehow passed for white, they were able to carry a large suitcase that was never checked at ANY point, and left Nazi Germany for America with no problems.

Aside from the fact that this story is almost definitely fabricated, the details of it as well as how GJ/Mpoc talks about it makes it clear that they do not care about perpetrating harmful shit about Jews.

What they say here is basically that in Nazi Germany, Jews could pass as white. (Made more evident in the earlier quote, when GJ/Mpoc says “white Jewish family”!)

Even though at this point in time was when the Nazi party was attempting to return Jews to their original state as (officially) racially persecuted instead of just religiously persecuted, meaning that conversion didn’t make them exempt from persecution–that is, Jews were attacked as a race, not a religion. It doesn’t matter how much GJ/Mpoc wants to pretend that Jews can be white because it’s “just a religion,” NAZI GERMANY IMPLEMENTED LAWS THAT MADE JEWS TO BE CONSIDERED A RACE. AND THEN LAWS THAT OPPRESSED THEM BECAUSE OF THIS.

Jews were not considered white when there were arguments about what made someone count as racially Jewish–namely how many Jewish grandparents were needed to be counted as of the Jewish race. Whiteness was simply not a privilege extended to Jews in Nazi Germany, and it’s fucking ludicrous to think that anyone would ever think that it was. Yet here we have GJ/Mpoc, the person you’ve all entrusted to bring you accurate European history (and accurate representations of race in Europe!), claiming that Jews in Nazi Germany were actually white.

Also, just as an extra note? How does GJ/Mpoc know that the family that carried their grandmother was “white Jewish?” If their Rroma ancestry is supposedly so shut up, how do they know the skin color of their grandmother’s rescuers? (Who probably didn’t exist or were warped for the story.)

That’s all I have right now for call-outs. I might find out more later that they’ve said about Jewishness. They’ve obviously done more messed up things, but this is specifically the Jewish-related things.

I was just catching up on Shadowhunters and I love how when Alec was told he was going to have to get married, his reaction was literally just like, “Not today, Satan. Not today.” as he fucked off and didn’t even come home for the night.

SeAson 1 - AriA (part 2)

(If you haven’t seen my part 1 then click here.)

In this post I’ll either talk about which scenes point towards Aria being -A ( doing something -A related) or just post a screencap of her being shady like she always is. :) Oh, and I’ll be posting these right up until S6, so stay tuned! 

1x11 - Moments later 

-We all know very well that this episode and the previous one was definitely revolved around Aria. It is later revealed that Noel was the one to write the message on Ezra’s car. But before that, we see Aria making eye contact with Noel. Now this isn’t the first we haven’t seen a weird scene with the two. I previously have done a post that includes a scene with Naria (lol), so check it out here if you would like to. 


Emily: You think they were just trying to scare us?

Aria: Well it worked! 

-Seriously Aria? You can clearly tell Aria had something to do with Hanna’s accident. Emily and Spencer are  totally clueless and didn’t have nothing to do with this drama. Where was Aria before she decided to get in Ezra’s car? We didn’t see her go anywhere else apart from going inside the car… 


Spencer: This was never about scaring us!! That was just a bonus

-As soon as Spencer says that, the camera immediatley turns to Aria. See how guilty she looks? 


Aria: I didn’t just get into his car last night, who do you think I am?

-“WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?”. A.k.a as a big fat clue.

1x13 - Know your frenemies

Want the money? Sit there and eat every one. –A

I found this scene really weird… It’s like as if Aria had made sure that Hanna saw Noel walking by, to confirm her that Noel is infact -A (For those who haven’t caught up to season 6 yet, Noel isn’t -A, unfortunatley. Sorry.) 


I’m guessing Aria was there to see if Hanna was okay? But we all know she was there to see if Hanna did get the money, which is why when she ask Hanna “Hey… You okay?” Hanna replies with “Yeah! I’m okay.” and a big smile, which is obviously means that Hanna has recieved her money. -A seems to be everywhere with the girls when they recieve notes/texts, so does Aria… 

Defending Thin Ursula Fanart Bingo

Inspired by and based entirely off of real comments made on locsgirl’s popular post about why drawing Disney’s Ursula thin isn’t okay. Go and on scroll through the notes (ReplyViewer is handy for this if you have Xkit) on the post and see how long it takes you to get a bingo!!

(reused the board/fonts from my previous werewolf trope bingo)

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will you ever continue the dr-killing game tumblr edition? for a bad idea, it's actually hilarious and I would love to see more! I don't care if it doesn't even make sense. I just need more of that shit in my life!


Please save yourself the suffering. I made it a oneshot for the punchline and also because I’m too lazy to write a proper series. But okay, since you love shitposts so much and I’m trash, I’ll give you a not-so-fair chance.

If this post gets 50 notes then I might consider writing something related to the dr-killing game tumblr edition

Something because it could be a sequel, could be just the squad talking, could be just a list of executions, could be free time events, or could be just something random about it, Whatever I come up with, it’ll still be problematic as hell and you guys have weird tastes for asking for more.

Heck, why not shoot for 3rd time’s the charm? If this post hits 100 notes then you get two oneshots!

You can even vote/suggest on what you want to see by replying to this post

This fandom loves shitposts and memes too much, Kamukura would be  so proud! We’re all going to live and die by the memes :’)


*not a promo group. we’ll be a tight group of close friends. if you love 1D/5SOS/Little Mix/makeup and obviously Lou, this is the perfect group for you* 


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  • we will be picking 10-15 people ((because this is a friend group not a promo group)) when this gets a good amount of notes
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  • good luck! 

I feel so awkward publically addressing this but gavinvavin reposted a bunch of gifs made by myself and lieutenantsmith and probably others in their funhaus guys gifsets and I think their meg gifsets and I tried messaging them but they haven’t answered or been on but it makes me kind of uncomfortable because I worked hard making those gifs and I’m not very good at it and it took me like ages and so I’d appreciate it if people didn’t reblog them? Obviously I can’t tell you what to do and probably a lot of people just haven’t noticed I’m sure I’ve reblogged stuff with reposted edits in them, but yeah I just think I don’t know do what you want but know that those gifs are reposts from sets made by other people is all.

sup guys! It’s Laila (twerkdatash) and Rheana (clifdork)!

so basically this is our first network together and u should come be our friends bc we’re rly nice we swear n funny and nICE


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sage’s johnlock network!

hello lovelies–

yes, i’m making a network. let’s pretend that edit up there doesn’t exist okay

SO. why you should join~

  • it’s fantastic is why. this is a network to support the creation of johnlock fics, meta, fanart, edits, and all other lovely things. the goal is to get an audience of friends who can support/read/see/reblog your things, help edit and give feedback, give prompts, distract you from working (ha.) , etc.
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  • note: there will be nsfw. you have been warned.

how to apply~

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if this doesn’t get 20 notes this never happened

ayYYYyYYyy so Clifford’s Groupies is now adding 3-4 new members and you should enter bc we suck michael’s dick first

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**please don’t delete text!**


So this network was started in August with the simple goal of giving people who love the book series a place to talk about the characters, plot, the upcoming movie, etc. as well as  to make new friends. Now, it can be your turn to be apart of this community of fellow fans: The Divergent Network! 

To apply:

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Other Info:

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Okay! Reblog away :)

It’s been years already but especially SM stans are still editing photos or videos from fansites, even if the owners clearly  prohibit it. Just because you see popular blogs doing it and getting thousands of notes it doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly okay and allowed. I also don’t get it, there are enough official photos and videos out there, so why stealing that content?

the best thing about essentially being able to bingewatch every single vine compilation on my (mid-November) dash is that it starts seeming like some unspoken contest

which vines have made it to [insert random stranger here]’s Top 20 more than anyone else? to what extent have you memorized “sand guardian, guardian of the sand” versus “free water you fucking asshole”? why have you never seen that one with the travis owl before it appeared in this one lonely <500-note compilation even though it’s, in your opinion, better than some that have appeared multiple times? is “bird machine” really that underrated? does all respect for actually linking back to the source go out the window when you’re convinced the source links are going to die within days even though the announcement explicitly said the website is staying up as an archive?? the world may never know, 420hearditfromthevine6969, we may just never know.