edit: now its transparent

Hi everyone! I have a little annoucement to make. Asakiku Week is back!

With Halloween right around the corner I thought it would be a good time to bring back the week so everyone could have fun!

This event will be running from Saturday 29th October to Friday 4th November. Hopefully this will give enough time for people to thing about the ideas.
This time around, the themes are a little more differents since they are all more or less related to Halloween and things such as magic and costumes.

❁ Saturday 29th October: Magic / Witchery
❉ Sunday 30th October: Animal
❁ Monday 31th October: Hetaween
❉ Tuesday 1st November: Demon / Devil
❁ Wednesday 2nd November: 2P / Another colour
Thursday 3rd November: Free Theme
❁ Friday 4th November:  Fantasy Creatures

It can be in any form of art you want it to be (drawing, writing, cosplay, graphics,/edits, whatever you feel like doing)! Just have fun which is the main point of the event!

The tag used will be #AsakikuWeek so please follow it for updates (as I don’t want to spam the main tag too much with this) and to share the works you did! ( you can also follow @asakikuweek for this)

If you have any questions feel free to ask, my askbox and private messages are always open! :3

Thank you for your time, and have fun!

Me: I shouldn’t watch VLD for the 104th time in the night before bed

Me after doing so: I shouldn’t draw rarepair… I need to sleep

Me in the middle of finishing this: Well fuck… Not like I needed sleep anyways

Me after looking at this: How does one eye? Least they be cute babs

(Psst what in the world is the ship name for Keith x Pidge?)

Currently Me: Fuck this, I’m going to bed now before I do more damage


EDIT 2: JUST NOW REALIZED THAT ITS TRANSPARENT… Who ever has a funny repeating bg should totally screenshot it and reblog this with the screenshot… I wanna see

EDIT 3: I FUCKING MISSPELLED THE SHIP NAME. Keidge… Shh that never happened


psst drag it!!

EDIT: Tumblr ruined the quality of the gif so here’s a still version for your viewing pleasure.