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Pure unadulterated fluff!

Film night was your favourite night with Norman. You made a pact when you’d gotten married that at least one night a week when you were together would be date night, whether it be going out or staying in, you’d spend time together doing something to distract yourselves from your busy lives and reconnect with each other. Tonight you got to pick the film and as you were in a soppy mood it had to be Dirty Dancing.
“Really?” Norman whined a little, wanting an action film.
“Yes!” You laughed, putting the DVD in. He flopped down on the sofa with a pouty face and you snuggled up next to him, his face softening as you put a hand on his chest, stroking his t-shirt lightly. You both sit in silence as you watch the film, then you sit up and clap as the credits roll when the film ends. Norman looks at you and playfully rolls his eyes as you get up and go to the toilet. When you come back, Norman’s standing there, the sofa turned sideways, cushions on the floor around him.
“Wanna do the lift?” He asks with a wink.
“Oh my god, yes!” You gasp.
“Right, run along the sofa and I’ll lift you up from the arm yeah?”
“Okay!” You get up on the sofa and bounce along the seat until you’re at his end where he places his hands on your hips and lifts you up, immediately falling backwards onto the cushions.
“Ahhh!” You cry out as you fall.
“Sorry!” He says when you both land in a pile, “lets try again.”
“You sure?” You ask, sitting up and getting the hair out of your face.
“I’m not giving up on this that easy,” he laughs, “I moved the sofa and everything!”
“You’re the sweetest,” you smile, stroking his face with your hand and giving him a quick kiss on the lips as you get up, ready for another go. Again you start at one end of the sofa and make your way to his where he lifts you up and you lean a little too far forward, crashing down onto the cushions with him beneath you.
“This could work,” he says, kissing your stomach.
“Nope, no time for that, we need to perfect this!” You say, jumping up. After countless more goes you finally do it, and he holds you up firmly as you both shout out with happiness.
“We did it!” He says, sliding you down his body as your feet touch the ground.
“Thank you babe,” you smile, “but erm, we need to do it with the music.”
“You are joking right?”
“Well, just one more go can’t hurt,” you say.
“Fine! Lets do it,” he laughs, getting his phone out and putting he song on for full effect. You do the jump once more and he catches you again, then you both fall down onto the cushions. He rolls onto his side and starts tickling your waist, you screaming out with laughter as his fingers walk their way across your skin.
“Enough! I give up!” You laugh, tears rolling down your cheeks. He stops, then looks at you seriously for a second when you suddenly start tickling him back.
“No!” He cries out through laughter, “stop!”
“Did you say something, dearest?” You ask above the noises he’s making. He flips you over so you’re beneath him and you stop your tickle attack as he leans down and plants a kiss on your lips.
“I love you,” he whispers, nudging his nose against yours as he holds onto your body tightly.
“Love you too, Patrick,” you say, sticking your tongue out and giggling.