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Since you are the only HKT oshi I knew here, I want to aks you something about rumor that some Hakatas privat acc got leaked. I dont pay attention at first untill it mention to Jurina name (also got her photo) linked to Murashige. Do you know what excactly happened between them?

Apparently the leaked accounts were Murashige and Sakura’s. It’s also kind of confusing, though, ‘cause apparently Murashige had two private accounts, one named ‘hakatanosanma’ and the other ‘kttnqnq333′. Sakura’s leaked pics weren’t anything scandalous, only some face-swap with her mother and some instagram story where she compares the state/condition of her current hair to HeySayJUMP ‘s  Inoo Kei’s. 

Murashige’s leaked pics were kinda different, and the one you’re referring to of Jurina I guess is this one? 

I guess she had just screened Jurina’s instagram-story-update and commented “Rain-coat woman… So what?”, and apparently fans on the net took this “comment” as a way of dissing Jurina. Tbh if this is dissing, then Suto Ririka legit insults people badly, but okay. Whatever the fandom says. 

edit. apparently, also Sashihara and Nako’s(???) got leaked as well.


170502 Miyawaki Sakura seitansai.

Sorry for late post, I wait til the HD was out. LOL

Good Eveningー!

It’s Aoitan’s
Birthday festival〜!!!!

Aoitan Kyappu (tl: short for captain)
We’ve been together with her since the first days as the first generation
I thought about it today

Ah she’s an adultーーーーーー。

Even though she’s older I always referred to her as a child, but today she was really adult like。

From now on too let’s continue for Aoitan Kyappu!!

Congratulations of your birthday, Aoitan Kyappu😊

Murashige Anna G+ / 2017.06.06

almost half my senbatsu ;_____________; 

a few more graduations and i’m switching to keyaki full time ;____;