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Name: Popobawa

Area of Origin: Eastern Africa

Popobawa (literally, “Bat Wing” in Swahili) is the name of an evil shapeshifting cryptid, believed by those in Zanzibar to have originated on the Tanzanian island of Pemba, and was the catalyst of a major outbreak of mass hysteria across the Zanzibar archipelago in the mid-1990s. The creature is popularly described as being able to change forms between man and animal, and though somewhat small in stature, possesses a pair of large bat-wings, its face framed by pointed ears and containing a large singular eye. It is also sometimes associated with an off-putting sulfurous odor.  Primarily attacking during the nighttime, its exploits can comprise of physical harm or poltergeist-like phenomena, but worst of all is sexual assault and violating of both men and women alike. It seems to prey on unbelievers the most, and those that are attacked are urged to warn others; those that don’t are threatened by the possibility of the past being repeated.


Risk Assessment Score 3: Usually nonaggressive, but fairly easy to agitate. May pose a threat due to hazardous conditions in proximity. Avoidance strongly recommended.

Resembling a huge ray, rogue waves are one of the more mysterious and unpredictable species of disaster ghost. They are rarely observed despite their considerable size, as they spend the vast majority of their time floating peacefully at a moderate depth and take little interest in passing ships or any other human presence. However, they are known to turn aggressive without warning, causing rough seas by lashing their long tails and rearing their massive bodies out of the water to come crashing down on small vessels. There is little indication of what provokes this behavior, though some speculate that attacks are more frequent on days with clear weather. It is recommended that all vessels stay up to date with the latest radar technology in order to reliably detect and avoid these not-so-gentle giants.

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Made Jackie’s parents; she’s supposed to have siblings but it’ll take time to figure out how many are there and their designs each :D

Leonard Jeremiah and Edna Avery; both are members of the Chimera family and are quite the power couple. No one knows the story how these two met, it’s quite a mystery.

When Jackie left home; Leonard was very disappointed of her not wanting to be part of the family but he is glad that she had the will to go and find her own path and hope she’ll return someday. Unlike her mother Edna; she’s pretty bitter of her daughter’s sudden abandonment.

There’s plenty of nice Lion characters from the oldies, I mostly use this design from 1937 cartoon (link) and For Edna; I love Anastasia Sophie’s design very much, she’s fat but she’s fabulous, sexy, and cute!

Jackie Avery: Link


I don’t usually post my traditional art here but I have a few fantasy drawings I figured I would share. Ever since moving earlier this year I hadn’t really had many notebooks that I didn’t fill up almost instantly, but now I have some more and I should start posting more traditional art on my other accounts in the future.

IF you, y’know, wanted to see some of the places I post more traditional art, they’re my