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For the anon that asked “Parallels in a gifset between Regina and Harry and Emma Swan and Hook/Emma and Hook being used as an older Regina and Harry?”

This was honestly a lot of fun and I’m very proud of how it came out. But lemme explain a little, because this can be taken in two ways technically. 

Overall, this can be taken as just an older Harry/Regina saying this to the other one and everything in different situations. I hope you guys enjoy it!

So I made this and then a friends pointed out that it looks like it’s haplening in different AUs, so I thought I’d put that idea down here if you guys were interested.

The first two gifs (I think we deserve and the one next to it) are in normal universe. So the normal Descendants universe with Regina in it.

The next two (a soft epilogue my love and the one next to it) take place in the Reverse AU. Where Harry and Regina grew up as royalty and such in Auradon. 

The fifth and sixth gifs (we are good people and the next one) take place in the Modern AU. So where magic and such isn’t a thing.

And my semi angsty ones, the final two (and we’ve suffered enough) are taking place in an AU I came up with last nights where they never get off the Isle and/or are straight evil. (So they suffer because they never got their chance to be good and had to live forever on the isle)

(If you have questions go ahead and ask, or if you have ideas for a gifset with my OCs, feel free to ask!) 💙💜💙💜