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this year i will not settle. not for a shitty job. not for average friends. not for a boring life. not for bad relationships. not for anything.

It’s time for a follow forever!! I wanted a chance to give some love to some fave blogs and mutuals of mine. I’ve had this blog for almost 6 years now and I’ve not officially done a follow forever so here goes!! 

Basically if you’re on here I love you and your blog. Whether we speak often or have never spoken, I admire you! 

Special shout outs: 

💀 To the Jon/Frank/Kastle fandom: yall have been w/ me the longest as far as fandoms go and I love you all dearly. 

⚡️ To the Thor fandom: I’m semi new, and yall welcomed me w/ open arms and I’ll never forget that. 

To my mutuals that I’ve had since my Teen Wolf days: Bless you for sticking around this long

@lindamarieanson: the micro to my frank. linda you came into my life at one of my lowest points and since then you’ve become my best friend. i don’t know what i would do without you. your daily encouragement and patience w/ me is everything. our talks about jon and life and our interests and just everything make me happy. i think i could talk to you about anything and still be interested. i love you dearly. you understand me so well it scares me sometimes (in a good way of course ;)) we’ve been friends for a year now but i feel like i’ve known you my whole life. i hope that continues on for many more years. 

@bernthalus-christ: my bday twin. my trash partner. my fave person to request gifs from. you’re one of my favorite people on this earth. our thirst talks about jon fuel my life. you’ve brought such laughter into my life and i still can’t believe we became friends overnight talking about jon’s hands and the back of his head lol. love you girl. 

@spacelabrathor: oh cee. old lady cee ;). bless your heart for the mess. you came into my life at just the right time i think. and i like to think i came along at the right time for you too. i adore you and i’m so glad to know you. you’ve given me strength and talked me through hard things. thor has brought us together and i love that so much. 

@johnnytrestears: sami where do i even start?? i’ve known you for so long it’s weird to think of there being a time when you weren’t in my life. you watched my jon downfall w/ a laugh. we’ve been through nasty stuff together girl. if we can make it thru what we’ve gone thru, we can make it thru anything. 

Some more lovely friends of mine: 

@amysbendix, @billyrussosbutt, @blackcoffeecastle, @blackleatherjacketz, @bonesmcoy, @bootycap, @brolinjosh, @capitanmarvels, @captainkilly, @frankcastle, @frank-kastle, @frodobagginsess, @iamacolor, @ignisgayentia, @itsquiethereincamelot, @jessicajones616, @karenpage, @luke—crain, @miiloventimiglia, @missherowndreams, @nighttimemachinery, @officialpunisher, @onebatch2batch, @pureviiolence, @quicksiluers, @sarma, @sebastiansexyseabasstan, @spacefloozy, @stilesbansheequeen, @stormbrvkers, @terrifiesthem, @thisgirl-knm, @thoresque, @thorsodinsn, @thors-soft-cheeks

Even MORE lovely mutuals I admire and cherish!

@adams-amys, @agents-galore, @angst-wizard, @bartons, @beardysteve, @bellywasher, @bendix-amy, @carry-the-sky, @caryled, @colonelguile, @delos-mio, @fadedtoblue, @feel-like-im-fading, @ffrankcastle, @frank-castle, @frankcastles, @frankcastlesgirl, @fronkcastle, @hashtagteamthor, @hughxjackman, @hurmione, @jumpingforkastle, @kastleandcoffee, @klaushargreeve, @kurtweller, @lawofavgs, @liambaeyne, @lightblindingme, @lorigrimes, @madgesgoldpin, @mattmurdick, @mr-frank-castle, @nelsonsmurdock, @nxbodygoesafterher, @petecastiglione, @proinsiascassidy, @purelyfueledbycaffeine, @rheeglenn, @rickgrimest, @ricksmichonne, @samwiseisgay, @shhuri, @softly-kastle, @steverogers, @stiilesstilinski, @terrifiesyou, @the-punishers-coming-for-you, @thunclerpuff, @tomhiddluston, @twinsunsluke, @tylerhoech, @valkyriesbrunnhildes, @wasleichtes, @werewolves, @whoeveryoulovethemost

I hope I didn’t forget anyone, but basically if you’re on here then I love ya and I wanna be friends!! And if we are friends then I cherish you! 

2018 was a really hard year for me and I thank you all so much for being there for me thru it all. Yall are amazing!!!