edit: maya


Glyph icons from my current commission batch!

The first one is for Mr. Muto, show runner of Adventure Time, I’m stocked about it since I love the show!

Next up @nataliehall’s iconic shewolf, her style is so awesome and ethereal, I was stocked to translate the character into this style.

Skelizard’s OC and RunningRiot’s kitzune chara really fit into this style as well-and did you recognize Shenron, from dragon ball?

Thanks to everyone who took one of my emergency commissions. I know turn about has been slower than usual due to this batch’s size, so thank you for your patience!


A lion helps a little boy build a better boat and get back home.

Here is my fourth year film at CalArts! It was animated completely in Maya. Huge thanks to Phil Rynda, Andrew Chesworth, Dariush Derakhshani, my voice actor Joe Whyte, and my composer Gage Bruce for making this all come together.