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mageheart  asked:

It's really not uncommon for trans boys to be obsessed with feeling masculine, since, for a lot of trans boys, people around them don't see them as 'real men' and I think its a bit ignorant for you to assume that someone who likes/obsesses over masculinity cant be a trans man? I really mean this in the best way and not trying to be hostile. I just wanted to offer another perspective on it and hope you take it into consideration when you talk about this subject in the future is all. ♥

Hello! I meant it in the other way, I wasn’t saying he can’t be trans bc of those things, I’m saying it’d be a good fit for him to be trans bc of it! <3 Sorry if I wasn’t clear about the way I phrased that but I am def not saying he can’t be trans! 

When I said “He’s a guy who’s obsessed with the idea of being masculine/macho, so either way would fit him“, I mean both cis and trans would be a good fit as an identity, bc you can see the obsession with masculinity as a cultural problem in latino boys or you can see it as a trans boy trying to be masculine to be seen as a “real man”. 

Thank you for being passionate and caring to those who are trans, and I hope my explanation clears it up! <3