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I'm Not Good Alone [NT]
  • I'm Not Good Alone [NT]
  • Paul Klein
  • Time Away

MUSICAL SHOUTOUT to Paul Klein a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting this kid. Honestly one of the most kindest, humble, talented and anointed person I’ve ever met. 

The kid has a voice sweeter than honey and let’s be honest all the girls at our church who met him were swooning over this kid. Some expressed it vocally while others hid it. 

Personally I will admit I’ve got a vocal crush. Love love his voice. 

It was such a delight meeting this kid and getting to sing with him at our weekend services. 

He’s currently got a new worship album out “Heart and Soul”. This is from his latest album “Time Away”.

Check his other stuff on his youtube channel out! :)




Seen last nite: closing time at MKT BAR, figured I’d give their piano a shot. @miradela saw me tappin’ some keys on her way out and caught this clip. Enjoy! 🎉


This man’s music is just delightfully lovely.



Watch on battersleuth-blog.tumblr.com

Miles Davis and ensemble performing “My Funny Valentine”

I meant to post this earlier in the week, simply for my own enjoyment. I suppose there’s no harm in being a bit late. Good music is good music no matter what day in February it happens to be.

I know Valentine’s Day is meant to be about romance, but I’m glad that I have such wonderful friends to share my holidays with. It’s much nicer, I think, without all that fuss and theatrics and I would rather be able to share cupcakes (or muffins, or any other baked good) with all of the people that I care about than focusing all my attention on one person. It seems, well, a little silly! And not in the fun way. I guess that’s a bit unusual, isn’t it? I just don’t see what all the hullabaloo is about romance.

Regardless, this song is really excellent and I think serves a lovely counterpoint to all the other music that has cluttered up my dash. Not that Dirk and his automaton pals don’t have excellent taste, I just prefer music that doesn’t have, well, words in it.


No Children by The Mountain Goats

I just saw them last night and I’m fairly certain that it was the best show I’ve ever been to.  It was totally worth not studying for my calculus test. 


Petite Noir - Chess

Not sure what to file this under yet, apart from “lovely tunes”.


The Smiths - I Won’t Share You